Where'd the rain go?

Where did the rain go for the online racing, every time I see the weather symbol beside the track I expect rain but all I get is fog… Come on turn ten some of us enjoy racing in the rain because it separates the ones with skill and the ones who need the work on skill. It’s starting to feel more like forza motor sports 1-5 with no rain… I am very disappointed on not being able to pull ahead due to it not raining… It’s making the game less fun for me anymore… Please bring back the rain and bring the green hell to the lower classes as well please turn 10!!! You let the noobs win with the decision to get rid of the rain in the online hoppers…


Rain isn’t gone, it is just insanely rare. You’re looking at about 1 rain race every few months, if you’re lucky. I did a rain race in R class about a week ago.
But all that aside, I must wonder why it disappeared. Certain hoppers still have it, but for no reason they removed it from every other. It’s funny because they made a big deal about the “dynamic” weather, rain being the real one effected here, and now it’s just day, night, and fog. How did this happen and why is nothing being done about it?
Also the other thing you mentioned, the lack of the ring, I wondered where that went. Haven’t raced it online in months, the only place I get to race it now is private lobbies. Real shame, that.


I race at least 4 hours a day and haven’t seen a single rain race in S class, race on Nordesleife quite a lot though. Different hoppers have different track and weather combinations it seems.

Turn 10 keep experimenting with the hoppers, no rain at all seems a wierd choice.

Same here. It’s gone.

I heard that they got rid of the rain because all the noobs complained about it…and turn 10 sided with the noobs on this topic…

I heard that Turn 10 couldn’t get the proper “Moses Effect” on wet pavement and maintain 60 fps. There was a beauty last night in the A-class hopper and went from 18th to 4th on Virginia at turn 1 - now if there was only water involved…

Certainly been seeing a lot more dry days at Brands and Silverstone than you see in real life.

Wish they would return back to this issue and return the rain back to us!!!

Strange, i’ve noticed no difference. Must’ve had at least 3 wet races in R Class last night alone

In a class and b class it is dry

I’ve seen some actual rain in the Supercar Renaissance ghost league this week.

I think we need to be careful what we wish for. Actual rain showing up too frequently is a complete drag. Having it show up every now and then, like maybe 1 out of every 10 races, seems like a decent balance.

I got it once in R class. Never again, though.

Just a bunch of masochist’s. I want rain it separates the driver with true skillZ. Did anybody see the Indycar race at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama this year? Even the pro’s could not race in that. The only guy that could see anything was the guy in the lead. I would rather not race in the rain. Driving in rain at normal highway speeds is enough for me. And the dynamic weather is scripted so not so dynamic. It does look pretty though but not my favorite races.

  1. Because it does, plain and simple.

  2. Yes I did unfortunately.
    and this comment sums it up perfectly.

wont even get into the fact that they let a bunch of people fix thier cars/refuel/adjust settings for the next day.

Indy is a joke.

Rain races clear out lobbies. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen the lobby count drop to half after a rain race.

I’m glad it’s gone and hope it doesn’t come back.

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I guess most of you are the ones who complained about it and got it removed because you could not race in it… Rain racing is about skill, it shows who has the skill and who does not…