Where is the customization and the 2020/2021 cars?


i would like to understand why we cant custom the color of the interior of the cars?
Why we dont have other body kits for other cars, we just have that forza body kit so far?
Why you guys dont add new type of exhausts like with titanium texture?

Why FH5 dont have cars like the new Audis, BMWS. Ferraris like SF90, 296 GTB, F8 Tributo, F8 Tributo Spider, Ferrari Roma, Ferrari Portofino M and many other cars from different factories?


Oh, I would enjoy new audis, new bmw’s, and new Mercedes… Maybe they give us some 70’s or 80’ cars that nobody asks for… Or new shitwheels, or maybe ir we get lucky, a new Ford transport van

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They have to get permission to put the cars in the game, and from I remember, Ferrari can be exceedingly idiotic about such things. The same goes for putting bodykits on cars, too. I spoke with a friend of mine from BMW, who said that management often refuse to allow such modifications to be made in games, because they don’t want to ruin their brand by being seen to appeal to “That” type of crowd. I think it’s safe to assume that this applies to EVERY car company. I mean, why else would we still not have decent crash damage on our in-game cars? Because the companies don’t want those images flying around social media.

The day the last boomers are out of the industry, they might finally realise having their brand or model in a game is free advertising.
Thinking it ruin their brand or “those” images flying around wold cause loss of sales, is the same idiotic argument as saying videogames causes violence.