Where do you get your inspiration?

Hi, I don’t know if this topic has been done before, but. What is your inspiration for a paint job? I made a Volkswagen gulf look dirty as heck and put on the side, “clean diesel” for a dieselgate joke? Why? Because I was looking at pictures on the forza photo sharing thing, because someone had a splotch of paint purposely put right near the pipe on a fiat, and that gave me the idea to do a dieselgate joke, if you want to get the paint just buy 2014 Volkswagen gulf, and then look up my name and it should come up

Fun fact: putting the three letters “die” in the name and it won’t let you put the design up for sale, because “die” is in diesel I had to spell it wrong, lol

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Literally Everywhere!!!

It really depends what makes you tick in design i guess as to what inspires, whether its something daft you see, typography, a cool image or you just love race cars and enjoy the challenge in replicas.


That reminded me of a transit van that pulled up alongside me as I was queuing for the Dartford tolls a few years ago. It had this face on it which filled the whole side but had no writing or info whatsoever.

Ended up chasing this guy round the M25 for a bit - the closer I got, the faster he drove! - but managed to read the tiny writing at the bottom of the back door, googled the company when I got home & eventually came up with a design based on a real Race car but with the logos swapped out…

Happy days!


My inspiration is in mind so no one can claim credit for my imagination LOL


I just paint when i find the time or when i have an idea and i strive to do it!!

I’m just learning, so my inspiration comes mainly from the flags of the country of origin of the car. As a result they are pretty basic. I’m getting into more abstract ideas now, using like colours to fade blocks together. One I liked, the others are still work in progress.

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My inspiration comes from all directions the very first car i did came from a pic i seen on Facebook, and one night as a joke i started painting a Saab I called it my peta car. but I put all meat producers on the car and put people eating tasty animals, or PETA. The FB pic showed a moose in a field with the caption. " there is room for all Gods good creatures, right there on the plate beside the taters and veg." Which I put on the car. Why the SAAB, well to me seemed like a car a vegetarian would drive.
Other times it is I get a car look at the body lines and see what works for me, then put on the sponsors, another time i seen a beer company dropping off beer, never seen the logo before so bought some of the beer took the can home and did an Opel astral based on the logo. ( that was in FM4 though as well as the PETA car)
A cpl cars i did because a musician died that I really liked.
and still other cars well people asked me to do a design based one thing.
but mostly I just look at a car and think what would look cool.