Where are all the cars?

With all the 9/10 and 10/10 reviews, it seems everybody has forgotten what was in Horizon 4.

Aside from Route Creator working perfectly in 4 and being completely broken in 5, WHERE ARE THE CARS?

Let’s just look at the Autoshow, and not include wheel spins and DLC.

Classic Racers in 4?

Classic Racers in 5?

  1. Nine!!!

Including a Ford Cortina, and a Jaguar Mkii 3.8.

FFS, talk about padding it out!

On what planet does a Ford Cortina belong alongside a GT40 or a Ferrari 330 P4?

It really takes the wind out of your sails racing a 330 P4 and seeing a Ford Cortina ahead of you!
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Rare classics in Horizon 4?

Rare classics in Horizon 5?

A grand total of 11.

Modern Supercars in 4?

Modern Supercars in 5?

Rally monsters in 4?

Rally monsters in 5?

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Sure there’s 50% more map, which is very cool, but then here’s also 50% less cars.

Which is very uncool.


There’s hope we get more in future DLCs.

While I do agree that most of 10/10 reviews don’t seem honest (because a big map and pretty graphics don’t mean anything if the game barely works), there’s no need to worry about cars.

FH4 launched with around 450 cars at launch and since then they added approx. 300 cars to the game with updates. There are new cars added with each season.
I just hope we’ll be able to get Lancia’s and Alfa Romeo’s, since I kinda miss them :c


Once the Stellantis merger is sorted out, I’m sure we’ll see the Italian brands of FCA back in the game.

However, since there’s quite a few cars, I fear they’re gonna go with what they did with Toyota and not Mitsubishi: rather than free DLC, they’ll be seasonal content. Which is annoying since the Delta was already a “Hard to Find” car in FH4.

Another disappointment was that they didn’t even bother adding track width upgrades to all of the cars… The only old cars that got them were probably cars considered for FH4 but dropped because no time/interest (Lexus SC300).

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I am sure that at the end of FH5s life cycle it will beat the numbers of FH4. To make sure people keep playing the game they stripped a lot of cars from FH4 that we are now getting as “new” cars in every new series.
The only cars I am a little worried about are the ones that Anthrax Cat2628 mentioned, which might have been cut out because of licensing issues.

If you get into tuning them you have well enough cars. It takes about an hour to tune a car properly. Then you want to race it. There are enough cars to keep you busy, and only people who don’t use the cars would want more cars.


As the route creator doesn’t work whatsoever, racing at this point is fairly moot, with only Goliath being a realistic longer than 3 minute challenge, and after 100 laps of the damn thing in two weeks, I’m as sick of it as I could get.

Collecting cars, especially the expensive ones, are a huge part of the challenge of Horizon, and after only two weeks playing Horizon 5, I own every Classic Racer, every Rare Classic, every Vintage Racer, as well as completing other categories.

In fact, I currently own 234 cars.

After only TWO weeks.

Isn’t that half of what’s in 5?

So another 2 weeks will see the whole lot in my garage.

Then I get to lap Goliath for the millionth time, as the route creator doesn’t work in any meaningful way!

So combined with less cars and a ridiculously generous wheelspin system, and a route creator that shouldn’t have been released in its current state, the lifespan of this game looks to be vastly shorter than 4 ever was.

With 4, I collected EVERY car (tuned and upgraded), EVERY home, and due to the route creator, that actually worked in 4, after I completed every challenge in the game, I raced for months on tracks far more interesting than Playground seemed fit to put in the standard game.

In 4, I currently have 135 million credits with nothing to spend it on, because I tuned and raced every Classic racer, every Vintage Racer, every Modern Supercar, every hypercar, every Rally Monster…

You get the picture.

Two weeks into 5, with the lack of expensive cars to collect, and the utterly disastrous route creator, I’m 2-3 days from completing everything I can complete.

For full disclosure, in 4…

I drove for 386 hours.

I raced 498 races.

I own 683 cars.

My total winnings are 653,703,893 CR

Garage value is 459,568,200 CR

Number of podiums, 322

I had 198 victories

My garage parts value is 16,818,200 CR.

So yes, I tuned a LOT.

And I’ve spent 52h 44:57 in first place

Somehow I don’t currently see 5 offering the same longevity.

Sidenote: I’ve two three lap “Goliaths” up. At the point I made the route I hadn’t played the original Golitah and was shocked that mine is only 100m shorter but exactly the same route.

The Loop codes:

Super Saloons - 361 144 487
Retro Saloons - 160 767 069

The description is “About 40 mins of real racing. No Gucci, bling, bling” or something along the line. :wink:

How did you deal with the fact that the drivatars in custom routes are very slow even on unbeatable?

For me that makes custom routes completely pointless until it’s patched to be as competitive as the built in routes.

I’ve seen a lot of car thumbnails leaked on Reddit. Some are new, some are returning from previous games. Granted they’ll either be DLC, playlist rewards or bought in the Forzathon shop.

So what you should be saying is “Make cars harder for us to get”

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Welcome to live service mate.

Can bet your bottom dollar at least the first 2-3 months of ‘new’ cars we get added via the playlist were ready to be put in the game pre-release but kept out for the purpose of giving the illusion of new content being added later on.

How many of those vehicles were in FH4 at launch? And were in the Autoshow?

From memory, I’d collected all the Classic Racers/Rare Classics/Vintage Racers in the first month of Horizon 4.

I won a couple, bought a few from the Autoshow and won a few in the Auctions.

But I’m be pretty sure they were all there from the start, which is why I’m disappointed that there’s so few in 5.

Fingers crossed they do appear in 5 at some point, but that’s a lot of cars to appear in DLC or as gifts/additions so I’m not overly confident.

The Ford Lotus Cortina was used as a racing car and is a classic so I have no issue with it being in that class even if it was not a globally recognised car…thoguh I think the game just has the standard Cortina yes? In which case, I would take issue with that

Pretty sure the in-game car is still the Lotus Cortina

People really need to stop relying on idiotic inflated, faked stats. Like steam, ign or whatever.

Any logical person with a decent brain will never give this game more than 6. And thats very generous considering all the problems it has, and all the bad gameplay mechanic decisions.
Also all those reviews are always made by fanboys, so, you are not going to find any single one saying more than two negative things about the game lol.


No better game exists.