When is the custom wheel settings bug going to be fixed?

Any settings that I have changed are not always being applied from race to race. My Logitech G920 has a very stiff brake pedal and I have to adjust the deadzone so I don’t have to press so hard. Some races it will reset it back to default and it is a struggle braking into the corners. I have to go back to the settings menu and then launch the race again to apply the settings again.

This is very frustrating and a huge waste of time due to the game’s brutal load times. It is getting to the point where I am just fed up with it and losing heart for playing the game. When is this getting patched?


I have the exact same issue with my G920. This is extremely frustrating, I have about a grand invested here to play forza 6 and I am not able to partake in online racing due to the custom wheel settings bugs.


The same bug is in forza 5 but only affects wheel rotation angle and like forza 6 keeps going back to 900, I think the problem will be fixed because the G920 seems very popular unlike the thustmaster TX and its reliability issues which include catching fire.

I keep loading F6 every morning to see if its been patched and then play F5 instead.


Don’t reset your dead zone. The brake pedal calibrates itself when you connect the wheel. 100% brake pressure will be as far as you can push the pedal down. Changing the dead zone will only decrease your brake resolution.

You have to on the G920 because of the rubber inside the brake spring, you have no choice but to lose resolution because the potentiometer had not been designed to accommodate the reduced travel on the brake pedal.

^ yup. I run my brake settings at 0 - 25 on my G920. The pedal is that stiff…feels a lot like my mustang with no power brakes. which would be fine if I did not have a rickety gaming rig…

I am going to call up Logitech and Turn 10 today to see what they are doing about this issue. These wheels represent a big investment for people and given that I think we deserve some answers and commitments.

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I use a thrust master TX Ferrari 458 replica, and I have no issues whatsoever with the settings or the wheel. I must have got mine after thrust master fix the problems. Best investment I ever made, for a video game. Sorry. Double post

I use a thrust master TX Ferrari 458 replica, and I have no issues whatsoever with the settings or the wheel. I must have got mine after thrust master fix the problems. Best investment I ever made, for a video game. Are the bugs only with the Logitech wheels?

Do you change the settings for the wheel though?

I have changed them yes. I use full 900 wiheel rotation on most cars and back it off on other cars depending on my tuning. And use 100% feedback and 100% vibration. I still adjust my inside and outside dead zones every once in a while to get different feelings for my wheel. I have no problems And it saves it every time

I have recently purchased the Logitech G920. Like others, I’m having my custom controls reset to defaults almost every time I start a new race. I want to reduce the wheel rotation down to around 360 degrees, and the Brake pedal for this wheel is unusable with its default settings and needs the deceleration dead zone reduced to around 50%. Every second race I start, I find the deceleration dead zone back to 100%, and the wheel reverts to 900 degree rotation (interesting, as the menu default when the wheel was first connected was set to 540 in the options menu). Using the telemetry I can see the wheel rotation is now at 900 and uses the entire wheel rotation. The brake pedal I can only manage to get to reach 50% when I apply full force to it (its that stiff!)

If I exit the race, go back to the menu, go to the controls and check the wheel settings, all my customized settings are still saved. I can then start a new race and the settings will be in effect for that race and maybe the one after, before they reset.

Another problem I have is when a second controller is connected with a headset attached for party chat. I play a lot of multiplayer with friends and voice chat is a priority. Whenever the second controller is turned on with the headset, all the Steering wheel’s buttons get re-assigned, as if they are using the controller default button layout. ie x and b are shift up and down. If I change the controller’s button layout, this does not carry across to the wheel - the wheel still uses the controller’s button defaults. Also, all my custom wheel dead zone and wheel rotation settings do not register at all. Its as though they are completely ignored once the control pad is detected. At least playing single player I can go back and forth between races and the menu to re-apply my settings so I can use the wheel, but in multiplayer the wheel is completely unusable. Very disappointing.

I have the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel as well (I recently upgrade to the logitech) and the issues with the second controller are exactly the same. When the second controller is connected the buttons are re-mapped (x and b for shift up and down instead of paddles). I don’t need to change any dead zone settings on this wheel, so cant comment on that…

Can someone from Turn 10 please respond to this thread, and at least acknowledge the problem. Some indication of when it might be fixed would be greatly appreciated.


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I see a lot of the guys using the logitech wheel or complaining about your brake pedal. Are your brakes locking up way too easy? Because I had the same problem with my thrust master when I first started using it. Here is what I did to fix it. I put a foam ball(A cat toy) in between the brake pedal and the platform the brake pedal is mounted to. I immediately felt the difference the first time I drove it like that. That allowed me to keep my deadzone at 100%. Now I rarely lock my breaks up. Maybe the Logitech brake pedal is a lot different than the thrust master. But something to try

The brake pedal on the G920 has a stopper inside that limits travel so you do not reach100% and simulates the pressure it takes to brake in a real car. It’s basically the same thing you did with your pedals except Logitech put it inside. It was a popular aftermarket mod that people did to their G27 wheels for a more realistic feeling brake. Logitech just took the idea and did it themselves. Lol, I used to have a piece of wash cloth wadded up under the brake on my old wireless Xbox 360 wheel that did the same thing.

For the guys using the Logitech wheels,what do u have your brake pressure set at on your tuning setup? I use 120%-130%