Wheel support

Hi guys,

Still cant find confirmation or a clear no anywhere really just rumors…

Will there be wheel support yes or no? Especially I am interested if it will support my Fanataec Clubsport V2 base and V3 pedals.



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Thanks a lot for the information. I will wait then until iits added.

Can’t hurt to just plug it in and see if it works. I have the Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel for the 360 and will be trying that out when the game drops.




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Thanks for the tip

Too late.

I would like to voice that, as I’m sure Turn10 is aware, wheel support is a really fundamental part of a racing sim/game. I’ve got a Thrustmaster and I’d really like that to work in Forza Apex or any Forza PC games.

While I agree that having a wheel is important for a racing sim, let’s not forget that this is BETA. They probably have to work with all the wheel makers and I’m sure it’ll be added as the testing/final release goes out. So for now I guess i’ll have to use the controller and not be able to use my sim rig

**Obligatory “I want wheel support (soon)” post ***

Understandably, this is a “beta” and the first go at the franchise on PC. While I prefer to race with my wheel setup, I will not pass over this opportunity to help mold a great franchise like Forza into the PC market.

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People seem to be making this into a much more complicated issue than it needs to be. Myself included. Because all I’ve read so far is that Turn 10 is outright dodging questions related to specific wheel support, and the platform of which they are supported through. (windows 10 only devices? or Direct x devices?)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but Turn 10 only needs to add basic windows device support for any force feedback device. From there, they can make templates for each wheel if they see fit, similar to Pcars, or AC. There’s really no need for exclusive wheel support per wheel, aka native support, right? Look at other titles like iRacing; the pinacle of motorsport sims in the pc community. they have generic force feedback support for any device that is recognized by windows. Hell, you can even run via API protocol with an OSW wheel.

If this boils down to a case where the specific wheel needs to be recognized by windows 10 natively, then Turn 10 will have seriously just shot themselves in the foot badly, but I doubt this would be the case.

I run a Direct Drive servo / Open Sim Wheel, which runs on MMos, a windows recognized interface. It gets ffb signals from any title that recognizes a windows gaming device. IE, all games on windows support it for the most part. I’d be a bit disappointed if turn 10 only supported specific wheels with Windows 10 interface exclusivity, or something along those lines. It would also say a lot about the motivations for their move to PC: By this, I mean their port over of Forza would appear more as a money grab vs. a genuine effort to branch out into a higher-end oriented pc sim community.

Basically what I’m saying is, I seriously hope they don’t go the route of xbox one only peripherals / xbox one wheel support only. That’ll be some [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] for no reason other than licensing royalties.


Nope, there is a reason other than [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] and “licencing royalties”.

You missed the entire technical support level of all those wheels are HID devices. XB1 and UWP support XID exclusively.

a XID device (Xbox peripherals, 360 included) can support XID and HID. A HID (every other wheel ever made) device can only support HID.

Hopefully the clues are reading as more support than just XB1/UWP compatible wheels


“wheel support is coming to Forza Motorsport 6: Apex and Turn 10 is busy working to ensure that Apex delivers the kind of wheel support, performance, and features that racing fans expect from a range of available hardware.”

I’d say racing fans on PC expect a wide range of wheel support, not just XB1/UWP.

At bare minimum hoping for G27/Fanatec CSR, Thrustmaster t500 support. Atleast most major wheels, and if only that, then hopefully most other wheels can piggy-back off of that support.

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Logitech g920 request please

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This may have been asked several times already, but any word on upcoming steering wheel support? Is such a thing even possible with the strict UWA policies?

Right now I don’t understand why is Forza hailed to heaven and back across the internet, but maybe that’s the missing piece.