Wheel Spins

I don’t know what to do the past 30 wheel spins I’ve 1 legendary car and the other 29 have been all green as in 10thousand and lower i once got 3 5thousand prizes in a row while some of my friends are getting millions I’m getting almost nothing and I haven’t seen this posted anywhere has anyone else had this issue

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The latest patch nerfed wheel spins.

Here is a little bit of statistics about post patch wheel spins StudiousGravy0 has done: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm1247701_Are-you-guys-trying-to-kill-this-game--Why-is-it-so-hard-for-you-to-listen-to-player-feedback.aspx#post_1247701

That thread has single posts longer than entire 3-4 page discussions.

Way too long to read all that…LOL

80-90% of the time, wheelspins for leveling up get me 2,000 to 5,000 credits. One night last week, I had six level-up wheelspins, won nine cars I didn’t own, and about 250K credits. It was so good, it didn’t seem random, perhaps because I hadn’t played the game in about a week.

i just don’t understand why PGG have to worry about economic in the game and nerf the wheelspin. this is AAA game with full price tag not a F2P mobile game.


Because if you are winning too much money or cars from wheelspins, then you don’t need to play the game as much thus decreasing their “Time played” statistic which seems to be their onlly barometer of success (well, that and the number of downloads of course)


It certainly makes the game less pleasant to play. Same with not being able to get super wheelspins except for the 2 a week with VIP, especially as Im now getting 45,000 each on average. How are we supposed to make money?

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Its the opposite for me. Because nerfing wheelspins is not something important. Not for the people WHO ACTUALLY ENJOY THE GAME.

If you guys cant play without wheelspins every second, then you have a big problem. Some of you really should stop playing videogames, sorry.

The game motivates me now more, because now i “feel” that i need to work a little harder to get a wheelspin or whatever i want.
But yeah i understand kids these days want everything asap and easy as cake.

I find the current Wheelspin payouts to be almost as stingy as they were when introduced… in FH3, was it?


FH1, but the only way I remember even getting one was reaching a high level, and then never again. I believe it was FH2 that started giving them out often enough that they might actually be remembered.

Just levelled up for prestige and got 17,000 credits and a crappy suv on a superwheel spin. :rage:

I can top that easily, on my last super wheel spin I got two times a payout of 5000 credits and won a 20 000 credits car sellable for 10 000 bucks. Ok - I have enough cars and credits already so the wheelspins at all are more like a waste of time even before they lowered the payout.

But at least there was some kind of exitement if you hit one of the 100 000 + parts. Now with 1000/2000/5000 it becomes more of a joke…

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The moral of the story is “be carful what you wish for”, I do remember a lot of people on here complaining about people who were AFK xp farming, skill point farming and whatever, now its come back to bite them in the bum. lol

Almost everything I’ve gotten this week, when I actually did get wheelspins, and they showed up so I could spin them, was green. And a pair of socks.

They were legendary socks!

But they were still socks.