Wheel on Xbox x

Hey all I decided to treat myself to a steering wheel with Fh5 got the G920 and have found it’s almost impossible to drive in this game. I have awd’s spinning out with no chance of controlling it have messed with settings so much and got no where. I end up sawing the wheel just to keep straight.
Anyone else experience this and is it just me being crap with the wheel

It does take time to get used to using a wheel if you’ve never used one before. Not talking about real world driving, I mean using a wheel with a game.

I’d start with the lower class cars and road races to get used to the handling, then build up from there as you get more comfortable. I bought one a few years back and was using it on FM7 and was a good 5 seconds off my controller times when I started. With practice was setting times I struggled to beat when going back to controller but it did take time and occasionally switching some assists back on helped - stability was the one that seemed to help me most when it came to keeping the more powerful cars going in the right direction.

Hands up - not tried the wheel on FH5 yet. Bought the Series S a little while ago and not got around to hooking up the wheel to it yet, it’s still plugged in to my old XB1X.

What are your settings under your Logitech Software? If you have not done anything with it then I would say make sure your wheel is set to 900 degrees and set your FFB settings. There are also other users with the same wheel that you can look up on youtube. Now the final question is does your wheel twitchy? In regards to steering sens wise?

Yes wheel is twitchy no setting cos it’s on Xbox x series and none in game on FH5. It does seem like there is very little turning of the car wheels in game

I use cockpitcam or dashcam with a steeringwheel.
chasecam only works for me with a controller. Chasecam with steeringwheel is just a mess for me

I always limit the wheel to 360degrees rotation (in the driverprefs) because FH5 is made for controller and don’t synch the rotation to the rotation the car has in reality and also has no ingame config for the max wheelrotation.

Just set a new PB having plugged the wheel in. On the Bahia De Plano circuit in C Class.

Only setting I changed was the Deceleration outside deadzone as brake on the 920 is a bit numb/ needs you to stamp on it unless you play with the settings or brake pressure to suit.

To be fair it felt pretty good, you do need to give a bit more steering input at times but you can also take the sweeping turns with more accuracy than you can easily give on the pad.

Step One: Set your steering to 700 degrees or so, or if you’re on xbox just default because your wheel will default to its max. If you go with lower rotational settings you’re really supposed to only be driving race cars that have super tight steering because they’re designed for tracks, not meandering real-life roads.

Step Two: Turn down dampening in the advanced menu to close to zero, most wheels don’t benefit from a lot of dampening regardless of what people say.

Step Two point Five: Turn on Simulation Steering. Seriously, do this, if you don’t your steering with the wheel is always going to feel ‘weird’…

Step Three: Brake. You aren’t supposed to be able to take turns in full drift passing people, that’s for controller. With a wheel pretend you’re actually driving the car, hit the brakes, pass on the inside,
keep your grip, pretend if you don’t you’re going to die and wreck an awesome car…then watch as you win and smoke the AI.


Sounds more like you just don’t know how to drive with a wheel, no offense. It takes practice, work your way up with slower cars and you’ll get the hang of it. Reducing the steering outer deadzone will do you a lot of favours also.

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