Wheel Driver Specific Lobbies (or at least a dedicated Forum area)?

I would love to see some lobbies specific to wheel drivers.

We know the software recognizes the wheels, so it would be nice if we could get all wheel drivers together!

If nothing else, it would also be nice if We could have a dedicated forum area so it is easier to compare notes, etc.

BTW — I love my wheel with Forza…

I know some say it is a problem compared to controller driving…

I’m not that guy!

The guys at Inside Sim Racing demonstrate how well it can perform in the following video… Pay particular attention to their settings… No shortcuts taken!

As a matter of fact, my wheel driving improved a great deal just after watching this video… it’s long, but reminds you how critical it is to be ginger with the controls, brake correctly, and generally drive within or just barely beyond the given car’s handling limits.

InsideSimRacing 2 hour preview with TX wheel setup — Great Example

All that said… I do feel a little beat up when racing online against controller driver’s. I think that is mainly due to the general roughness of those races, and… the ability of the controller drivers to much more rapidly steer lock-to-lock multiple times whenever needed after a slip… Let’s face it though, The game’s primary demographic is controller drivers.

Still, I’m interested in driving with other wheel drivers some time to see if Forza becomes even more the “Simulation” that I hoped it would be when I bought the wheel setup. It is good in career mode… but online it gets pretty tough and can get frustrating…

Still… I can’t stay away. There is just something ‘quickening’ about racing real people!

Anyone else Like to see this or have similar thoughts?

Lets keep Turn 10 thinking about us by keeping things constructive, please!