What's your plans for release day?

So, there’s a little over two weeks to go until release and the wait is probably killing you as much as it is me. So what does everyone have planned for release day? Have you booked time off work? Kicked the girlfriend/wife out for the night? Decided on a takeaway? Post in here and let us know what your plans are.

I’ll be working so I won’t get to play the game until the weekend.

I’m just happy the early access is set on a Friday so I can spend the whole weekend playing Forza Horizon 3.

I have taken some time off of work, only thing is that I cant get the actual Friday of Early Access off, so I am going to be going crazy that day.

Wake up, play game, possibly eat/drink/bathroom break, play game more, pass out with controller in hands, repeat ad infinitum


This +1,000,000

With early access I’ll go pick it up on the 23rd and play it on the weekend!

Thankfully I don’t have classes on Friday, so it’ll be me waiting by the door until the game is shipped, then off to installing it and saying goodbye to the outside world for the next few days.

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I’ll be praying for full Crossfire/SLI support, Eyefinity/Surround support, DX12 support aaaaand wheel support on 23rd.

I doubt it’ll happen, but it CAN be done and if not why not? Enough excuses and blame UWP, blah, blah, get together bang some heads and TEST IT on high end rigs BEFORE LAUNCH so I can get the most from the PC I own instead of half of it…

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Day off on the 23, with the snacks nearby.

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Me: Wake up, Go to work for 4 hours, at lunch go to gamestop and pick it up then go back to work :frowning: for another 4 hours then go home and install/update game :frowning: then play an hour later lol. So for me it will prob be about 7 pm CMT till I get to enjoy the game :(.

Does anyone know what time? I know all these games are now being released on a Universal time. I know Australia is a day ahead of me in the US. So will that mean I can download it Friday night and have it ready first thing in the morning on Saturday the 23rd? If so, I will wake up around 5 am and start playing it with a huge cup of coffee!

That Friday is the 23rd and Saturday is the 24th. You should beable to download right now for preloading and play it Thursday/Friday midnight 12:01 AM.

Have to go to my girlfriends place for the weekend, so i won’t have alot of time sadly :frowning:

I will never hear the end of it if I take a day off of work to play a game, lol. She knows I am a gamer but still. I do however have Friday nights reserved for game night so she knows better, plus I wake up a lot earlier than she does so I will be back at the following Saturday morning… if I don’t stay up all night to play that is, hah.

Well I took the 23rd off work because I’m a nerd.

Perhaps I’ll indulge in some plant festivities before-hand, either way I’ll be glued to the game for an embarrassingly long time.

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I’ve taken the 23rd off… and the following two weeks as well. Much Forza will be played.

Work OT, get home and check to make sure everything is downloading right, sit on toilet and blow it up for a bit, respond to tinder inquires, raid the fridge for leftovers, forget about something, check xbox live messages and feed, possibly crash out, get hard root beer, fire up the game and set a game plan for achievements.

Then play until I pass out.

My company’s summer outing is the night before release (lol, summer outing on September 22nd) so I decided to take the Friday off and will be playing Horizon 3 as soon as I can through the whole weekend. lol

I finish work at 17:30 BST, and I’ll be home with enough time to throw a pizza in the oven and crack open a cold cider; then at 18:00 BST the early access opens and I can play all weekend long! Or at least until I need to sleep and/or run out of cider and pizza.

Edit: I saw before that the release time was at 18:00 BST, however looking at it tonight it appears to have changed to 00:00 on the 23rd, not sure if I should take the day off now…