What's Your Favorite Forza Horizon Game And Why

Hi all recently been playing through all the horizon games starting with the first and it got me wondering what are yall favourite forza horizon games and why interested to hear people’s thoughts :thinking::thinking:



FH4 was a good episode. Great map, weather (rain and snow ohhh I miss), big lobby with many players, the graphics almost as good as on the 5, soundtrack (radio stations) was way better… and I’m not from UK, but that’s how FH4 was better to me.


Nostalgia will always say Horizon 2, and honestly: Nothing beats driving at the Côte d’Azur with the car of your dreams, and I still hope we’ll get to enjoy the map Horizon 2 in 4K 60FPS with better graphics at some point, as an expansion for a future Horizon game.

However, overall I’d say Horizon 4. While it did have its problems like the car list and, in my opinion, a bit too much “unuseable” parts of the map [The lake and the massive forest], it just felt amazing! I’ve played that game from day 1 all the way until Horizon 5 released, put over 2000 hours into it, and would have played it for many more years had Horizon 5 not released. It looked beautiful, seasons were actually changing the world a lot and just felt like a complete game.


I’ll keep quiet about the 3 above and just say it isn’t + never will be FH4 in my book.

Probably FH2 for me, felt like the biggest step up the series has still had, bigger + more open map with the birth of CC, choice of location is most synonymous with driving a fast car, last time Playground Games were fun due to good arenas with small, medium + large variants too.

Some form of SP campaign with championships available for the player to do whenever they please, Ben is like Stephen Fry compared to the annoying imps that surround us in the UK + Mexico festivals, and while it can get tiresome I appreciate the intention behind the driving to locations + coming back to the festival after 3 before going back out again, whether it’s good or bad is subjective but it fits the whole road trip theme the game is going for.

Simple MP that doesn’t take 1000 years to get into, being in a map with other players is optional and the next series of events in MP is decided by a majority vote, FH2’s online also contains D + C class which I do miss (even though I accept the 3 wheeled cars would just get spammed to oblivion if we had it in the past 2 games).

I’ve even warmed slightly to it’s 360 version in recent years for some of the reasons above, that one is still overall a poor effort by the series’ standard though.


Everyone has their own tastes, and everyone has their own reasons :grin:

FH1 was the best because we’d lost the excellent Project Gotham Racing series at that point, but by today’s standards FH4 is the best iteration so far. While it introduced some pretty controversial things that didn’t have much to do with cars, I understood why they were there. It had the most vertical map and challenging roads, and I guess I’m partial to deep forests and rolling distinct weather patterns, the ones in Mexico don’t really compare for me.

While I love the size and handling model (with a wheel particularly) of FH5, unfortunately the map just doesn’t do it for me…I think if more than half the map were jungles versus open fields and rolling hills, less dirt and more paved roads…dunno, we gotta acknowledge they were up against a tall order here, trying to please everyone when everyone wants something different. But, for me, it’s 4.

This is a difficult question for me. It’s really between FH4 and FH3, having only played Horizon on PC. FH3 seems like the gameplay itself is better, but unfortunately I and many others are unable to play online, which significantly detracts from the fun. Additionally, the PC optimization for FH3 is much worse than FH4’s. On a lower end PC, I can play FH4 with little to no lag, but FH3 lags constantly. But we’re going to put tech stuff aside for now. FH4 laid the foundation for many things that we dislike about FH5. FH3 is a slightly better game overall, but unfortunately it’s not very playable if you don’t have an Xbox.

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Horizon 1 is my most favorite because of the setting and activities. I still play this game on a regular basis.

I enjoy Horizon 2 as well, but tire of having to return to the festival at regular intervals, just to turn around and go somewhere else I really wanted to go to.

I quite like Horizon 3 as well.

As for Horizon 4 and 5… Let’s just say, ‘not so much’


Forza Horizon 3 is the greatest Horizon game of all time.

The cars, the map, custom championships, the bucket list, the DLC, all of it. It’s a brilliant game.

FH3 with FH5’s physics is exactly what the series needs.


FH3. Atmosphere of a summer vacation by the sea with the best cars is unbeatable for me. Location, cars, festivals and the richest soundtrack. From wildlife on the edge of the map, to Surf City.


Edit: Nevermind, posted this in the wrong thread :smiley:

@luckeydoug1 i actually like the road trip system in Fh2 I think its a nice way to unwind after a championship the biggest thing for me that annoys me with horizon 2 is not being able to get the dlcs lol

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In general as a game it’s clearly Horizon 1 for me.
Big focus on racing, the best progression, the most authentic feel of a car/racing related music festival and a lobby based MP simply can’t be beaten. The streamlined tuning led to the best balance as well.

Horizon 3 had the best setting though. Beautiful map with diverse areas that worked way better than the approach of Horizon 5 although being a lot smaller.
The worst PI balance of the series ruined racing though and it’s the title I spent the least time in online MP.


Horizon 1 by far. As others have mentioned, its atmosphere and progression are still unmatched even ten years later.


The first game is my favourite. I’ve even enjoyed going back and replaying it from scratch, which I don’t want to do with any other entries in the series. It has the best campaign/progression in the series, I’d say. The less open map arguably works in its favour as well. I want to say that it had a simpler upgrade system and more reasonable AI, too, but it has been quite awhile since I played it.


Sadly can’t speak for the first two games, since I don’t own any consoles so Forza Horizon 3 was the first one I played (although it looks like I’d enjoy FH1 and it’s rally expansion the most). But from those that I played, I enjoyed FH3 the most. Mostly because of the map, no NPC’s yelling in my ear HOW EXCITING EVERYTHING IS and no seasonal playlist with timegated ‘exclusive’ cars for the sake of engagement.


Love 3,thats what got me started with this…and 7, 4 sti my fav,the only gripe not enough british cars…but a awsome game im still getting used to 5 but i do like it and ghe map and graphics are stunning plus the morris minor 1000 is still there…

@Runoff1999 ye I loved the progression in horizon 1 you felt like you were becoming more and more popular my one and only gripe with horizon 1 was there weren’t really any D class Races and there weren’t many R3 and R2 and only finale and darius showdown was R1 lol

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It’s tough for me to answer a question like this because thanks to my physics snobbery I have to answer 5. It’s the most important part of the game to me, and even going back a playing 4 with its nebulous suspension is too much for me to bear.

But, in a lot of other ways that are less but still very important to me, 5 is the worst of the three I’ve played.

You remove the physics factor and 3 is easily my favourite. No question.