What's up with Nurburgring lap count?

Every time I’ve seen Nurburgring GP circuit come up in A class, it’s only one lap, you would think it should be about four.

Nurburgring+GP Circuit is three laps in A class which ends up being about 49 miles for one race, something tells me this is not what was intended.

Not sure what the lap counts are in other classes yet.

Ha! Sounds like they got the lap parameters mixed up.


Nurburgring+GP circuit in GT hopper was 6 laps.

Is this in all class’s or just A ?

I only raced in A class last night so I’m not sure if there are issues with the number of laps in other classes.


I’m sure they just switched them up accidentally. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, Nurb GP is a great racing track and it sucks only being able to race one lap

and to think dan got his start as play tester for pgr making sure bugs got fixed before release. its like he forgot everything they taught him.

Was the same for the ABC’S Lobby, 3 Laps For the 16 mile combined circuit. Took me 29 minutes to complete in A class. Half the first lap was waiting to get around slower cars but not messing up their race. Once you get on the Nordschleife it’s like being on a single lane road.

white you think its bad in a car i used to drive trucks on those little roads with a 40 foot trailer. on hair pins your truck would be over the side of the road on the outside of the turn and your trailer over the right side on the apex. and you would still have some guy in what looked like a plywood mini with a sardine can style open canvas roof on the horn trying to push you out of the way and pass. you gotta remember alot of those roads/paths were made in medevil days and it was plenty of room for horses and cariages.

and never get lost in a truck. i was stationed in pirmasens germany (west germany at the time) and went of about a 40 mile run my second week in germany. i was going to a place about 15 miles away. the searggent told me to take the 1st right after the bridge over the canal. i never crossed a canal. i started noticeing the signs were in french, and the roads were too small to turn a truck around. i was within 100 miles of paris before i found a place to turn around, and i only had maps for germany not france. getting into france was easy, didn’t even realize i done it till it was too late. getting out of france and back into germany without the proper paperwork…now thats some paperwork.

the ring really is how european roads are. and they are two way traffic. thats why little cars such as the mini and vw are so popular there. and no i couldn’t take advantage of the autobans, my truck had a 55 mph (90 km) regulator. still miss currywurst. americans dont know how lucky we are to have the roads that we do.

As the title says 3 laps thats 30 minutes lol…
Nordschleife is only 1 lap lol…i think there maybe an issue …
B class no collisions lobby…

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I luv the ring but 3 laps is a bit much for a lobby race…

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Hey mods, I have some concerns over the nurburgring laps in S class. Today I raced nordschlieffe+gp circuit for 3 laps!! 48 odd miles then later on got the nurburgring gp track for 1 lap…!!! Whats going on!?