What's the rush??

FH2 is an absolutely fantastic game (imho, of course), which makes me wonder: Why are so many in such a hurry to complete the game 100% and be done with it? Free roam car games are nothing new, but there’s never been one quite like this. Even the 1st FH fell short for me (though I still played it plenty). There are miles of twisting blacktop to cruise, painting, jamming with friends, meeting new people online, there’s plenty of stuff to do besides charging through the 168 championships.

This is a game to be savoured- like the thread title says, what’s the rush?

This is how much of a hurry I am in.

Relax folks, take your time. Like Ben the Horizon Guy said, “Enjoy the drive.” :slight_smile:

B Wald


Totally agree. I went mad playing it from day one, then realised that if I kept up the pace I’d be through the single player part in no time, and with at least 5 more DLC packs to come I’ve started doing other things in the game to ration myself for as long as possible.

I’m lucky in a sense as I’ve only had my XBO for a month, so I’ve still got FM5 to switch back to to keep me entertained. It’s very hard staying off FH2 though.

The problem could be that it is a racing game! Ha ha.


I never grew bored of Horizon 1 even after beating every event in the game, so I’m not too bothered about completing them all in Horizon 2. As an extra bonus, Horizon 2 is nearly endless as I imagine the Road Trip will just keep going with you repeating the championships as you please.

But I did re-start my progress after collecting the barn finds. Didn’t like them cluttering up my garage. Why can’t they just let you sell them lol.

Why worry about the Barners when the prize wheel will do this anyway lol

The barns are all about the fun of the search! Also, that GTO is my favorite car. Horizon said so. I actually want more barn finds as they’re a good excuse to go offroad.

It’s just that some people such as myself are completionists.

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For me it’s a time thing. I have a wife and two kids. So when I have time to play I get to the point of the game. The point of the game is to win races so that’s what I do. If I wanted to play a game where I could roam around for hours with zero point to it I would play Minecraft.

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I think that’s the difference. You would enjoy playing Minecraft as a “Free-roam” game. Others prefer Horizon for that.

It’s really a matter of personal taste B Wald. Not everyone is like us. I haven’t finished more than 40 championships yet, but I must say, I’m starting to actually get into rivals on this game and I’m not worrying about the championships so much. It’s great fun and has such a different feel from FM5, even when doing lap after lap on certain races.


Old vette?


The whole world is in a rush these days, people forget how to chill out


A lot of people only buy games to get more Gamerscore points, and to rush through them as fast as possible. They then return the games if they have a gaming store around that accepts used games. Personally, I’ve never understood the point in rushing through games as I feel gaming should be about winding down and relaxing, but to each their own.

I only get to play after work and even then it depends what the wife and children are doing plus other social activities, so no rushing for me, I’m level 32 and enjoying my chill time.

I done what I always do load of races get some cars i like then free roam and playground games then in a while i will finish the races. Ok i done the human gps achievement but with roads this good why not drive them and some off road

Or you could beat a lot of races, then go play online road trips , then go free roam. Easy as that.

Lots of choices, no need to rush , unless your in the middle of a sprint race that is :))

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I’ve recently taken time to reflect and relax in horizon 2 as well. I spent my around fifteen million credits on some nice cars, do some nice and not too complicated two or three tone paint jobs, and grab some pictures.

I’ve had 132 pictures from forza four that I took rotating as my laptop’s background and screensaver and I figured it was due time to update to these absolutely stunning graphics and gorgeous scenery that horizon 2 can provide on my Xbox one. So far I’ve taken a picture of every car in the horizon promo (245 of them FYI) and saved about forty of them to my desktop background.

Here’s to a very long enjoyable year of taking photos and painting!

Nice, I have a sweet rainy shot of the coastal road into Castelletto as my PC background:

Makes me want to play FH2 every time I boot up the PC, lol

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Great pic friend