What's the key to upgrades and tuning?

I sacked my brake supplier.

Actually my tyre supplier and aero supplier are on their way out too.

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Yeah, adjustable race brakes used to be automatic for me but in H3 not so much. Also used to use a lot of aero in H2 but now once again almost never. Only time I really upgrade tires is if I am going a major class upgrade (D or C to A+). Not so hot on weight reductions either although it depends on the car.

H3 is a brave new world.

Yup. Brakes, weight reduction and tires in that order are the last things I consider if and only if I was able to max out power and to a far lesser extent if the car really needed one of those upgrades.


In terms of the “labels” e.g whether it be street, or race etc then mixing and matching will have no ill effects whatsoever.

Tuning in this game (and Forza in general) can be as simple or complex as someone makes it. There are people that will simply try and max out as much as they can to stay within a class, and make no adjustments to anything at all. They then use that car for all round purposes. Often the upgrades they do aren’t always logical either.

Then there are people who will fine tune a specific car to a specific track when competing for records where every last tenth of a second matters.

As others have alluded to, Horizon 3 tends to favour launch and acceleration hence why AWD conversions are so popular (and arguably overpowered). To be honest though I find that many courses on this game tend to favour acceleration, so the “speed stat” becomes irrelevant to a degree. Obviously there are some tracks where if your “speed” is lacking you’ll get blown away on the straights regardless of how much speed you can carry into and out of the corners.

One very important thing to take into account when tuning any car is that you should tune it to your strengths, for example if you’re not really good at controlling throttle output and tend to just go 100% on the throttle i.e simply on or off lol when exiting and turning corners, then an overpowered RWD car with not much grip is not going to produce good results for you.

Is there something particular you’re trying to achieve?

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Transmission diff brakes rims springs antisway bars rigidity weight then tires and finally aero if you need it then the rest under the hood. Go for mid to high range torque and make sure you stack horse power on the top end, the torque will get you there.

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