Upgrades help!

I have tuning settins down pretty well, or decently enough to make fast cars. Like top 10% leaderboard cars. Camber, springs, dampers, all that, I got a good handle on that.

But when upgrading cars for a restricted race (like the hot hatches) I really seem to be picking out parts that make them stinkers. The cars I build simple don’t seem to a have the potential to be good racers. I can tune and drive them as hard as I like, they are just not winners.

In particular what is the order for best cars? It seems like going for breaks and tires and more grip isn’t turning out well for me. Should I be instead picking out higher horsepower cars, upgrading the engines? It seems this game calculates PI rather differently than prior games.

Any advice on how to build cars would be much appreciated.

Never add anything you aren’t certain you need. Make sure everything that you do add is actually helping your performance on the track and giving you the best return on your PI spend. The only parts I almost always use are race supsension, diff and sway bars, and even that isn’t 100% of the time… Get in it, drive it, and try to work out what it needs. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. That’s really all there is to it. That and a lot of hours of experimenting.