What will the DLC add to the game?

Not sure any clues have been given about what the 2 DLCs will be, so speculation as to what the DLCs will add? (Besides more bugs!)

Will we get one with extreme weather like the ones before?

Will we get one that adds toy like cars like we had Hot wheels and Lego?

Jees, I hope not!

More than likely, in this rainbow-flavoured era, we’ll get My Little Ponies with multi-colured manes.


Only if they’re FiM ponies and not the new computer animated generation.

More cars that dont turn nor brake?? One thing without a doubt…more misery. :expressionless::expressionless:

Since nothing has been leaked so far (may be wrong here) we only have the past games to make informed suggestions.
My bet is on one where the map/conditions are the selling point and one marketing/crossover based expansion. As it was in Horizon 3 and 4.
There are still some possible crossovers. Maybe with SEGA creating some sort of Sonic/SEGA Allstars kart racer? Or a Ridge Racer drift oriented crossover (I think Namco holds the rights?).

we get two arctic trucks afaik the the next season… they are pretty useless on that map except for a very small area and only for a week once a month…

I would expect some snow in the first DLC

I am fully expecting a snowy expansion in the same vein as Blizzard Mountain or whatever it was called. Mostly because they specifically separated snow tires from off-road tires in FH5, and snow tires currently serve absolutely no function.

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I wish for a snow expansion. Maybe themed around Olympics. I dunno… Parallel Slalom, Half Pipe or Figure Skating, maybe.

Another one would be a Car Soccer Game expansion. Maybe in a low gravity environment on some moon near Uranus? I think it would be cool.

Or a music theme expansion where we could dress like Mariachi and play different instrumental horns. A two team match with Karaoke stile scores? That would be awesome!!


When I first saw the map of Mexico, with the giant stadium in the middle map, I truly thought that we would (finally) get a car-based soccer game, was stunned to see that would not be the case.

Looks like we will have to do soccer the same way it was done in FH4 - two teams of trucks / SUVs and one volunteer in a Peel playing the “ball”.

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Sounds like Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

You ever played Rocket Ball? It’s also cheap.

I haven’t, and I am not really that enthusiastic about car soccer, to be honest. Just seems like PPG has missed an easy add to the “playground” games options. We have everything we need - suitable cars (I would suggest the Vochos), a huge stadium, and soccer balls.

Why try replicate Rocket League that has been perfected and is free to play on all platforms?

You can come up with a thousand ideas for an expansion. I’ve always wanted a Marvel Expansion, or DC comics.

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New cars.

New (small) map.

New Achievements.

New Accolades.

New races and Rivals.

One thing i have always wanted but i know will never happen MOTORCYCLES.


I want planes too. lol.

Wasn’t Johniwanna in southern California recently? Then the DLC could be Disney themed.

New Bugs

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I’m guessing Minecraft Valley or some other silly game that has nothing to do with cars. Or maybe a PBA sponsored bowling alley, already got the pins, just need some oiled up tracks to smash them on. A special edition bowling ball themed Peel livery to get your inner child all kinda excited for it.