What wheel and pedal combination are you using?

I am looking into getting a wheel and pedal for FM7. I race on PC, XBox, and PS4. I would like like something that van handle all three but, I race more on Xbox followed by PC so I’ll settle for something that can handle both. Waiting for Bit coins (apparently censored as one word) craze to fizzle so I can update my pc. Can’t run any Forza games with my aged 2012 build. Want a setup that can run a 1080 card but, not willing to pay current inflated prices. I do have a G27 with pedals and shifter on my PC. I am curious what wheel/pedal setup others are using. Willing to spend a bit for a good setup.

What are your likes and dislikes of your setup? How is it performing for you? How is the force feedback? What wheel/pedal combo would you recommend if you are not satisfied with yours or if yours is only available used?

I am liking hardcore rivals and I think I would enjoy it more with a good setup.

TX 458 Thrustmaster with stock pedals,i like the wheel,good FFB,the pedals I wish were the 3TPA,3 pedal set,they have the brake mod and more metal than plastic over the stock set,over all for the price a good set up,better than the Logitech gear driven wheels,since the TX is belt driven,alot smoother.

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True. Good point.


Thrustmaster TMX wheel T3PA Pedals and TH8A Shifter H pattern. Few days I will have another TH8A rigged up for a sequential shift. Also, have a Fanatec Forza CSR and Thrustmaster Ferrari RLE wheel.

I have been very happy with the TMX setup for the price. Wheel great, Pedals great and the shifter is rock solid.


Interesting. Do you prefer the Thrustmaster over the Fanatec? I haven’t looked into them in a while but Fanatec wheels are supposed to be great gear.

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I haven’t had the Fanatec in action long but it is pretty impressive mainly more responsive on the sharp turns like that first S or rather Z on Monza. It gets around there pretty darn quick, I was using the T3PA pedals as stand-alone via USB and the TH8A shifter the same so the only difference was the wheel. It does feel a little better in the hands too. What will upset the applecart is tomorrow the 2nd shifter turns up and will need to be plugged into the TMX wheel in order to be able to use both at once so the Fanatec had a very short run here to date. I will get in some of those Fanatec pedals and see what other options are available.

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Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 Universal Hub.

Only wheel I know of that works on all three platforms.

Arguably the best consumer grade wheel you can get

I don’t regret my investment in it over my old G920 one bit. Awesome bit of kit, you get what you pay for.

Check reviews on YouTube and see for yourself.

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I’ll look into this one for sure. Might be be moving to the top of my list if it is compatible on all three platforms and performs well.

You can still use your G27 on all plattforms …


The G29 is almost the same wheel as the G27.
The G920 is literally the same as the G29 only with the XB1 chip. Thanks to all the licensing nonsense.

Fanatec had to remove the official PS4 support from the Clubsport series. Again licensing nonsense.

The top range CS wheel is only listed ‘PS4 ready’ now.
Fanatec has only one midrange wheel with PS4 and XB1 support, but you would need two different steering wheels for the base.
Again licensing nonsense.

I’m using an older Fanatec wheel with the DriveHub and it’s superb (PWTS + CSS-SQ1.5 + CSPV3i).

I can’t say anything for the G27 compatibility, but since it will emulate a G29/G920 which is almost the same wheel it should work pretty well.

But if you want a new wheel anyway …
Buy the Fanatec v2.5 for XB1 and PC and get the DriveHub for the PS4 support.

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Thanks Noobertson

PWTS + CSS-SQ1.5 + CSPV3i).
And to confirm Noobertson…

You are running a Fanatec Porsche Turbo S Wheel, Clubsport Shifter SQ1. 5, and Clubsport Pedals V3i?


But I don’t need the DriveHub for that.

Both, the shifter and the pedals, are direct connected to the wheelbase (via PS2-RJ12). Only the PWTS is connected to the DriveHub via USB.

The PWTS has native PC, PS3 and 360 support.
Put in PS3-mode the Fanatec wheel emulates a G25/G27 by itself.

With the DriveHub I can even use it with the XB1 and PS4, using the same technology (emulation) - this time with the G29/ G920.

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Ahh. Ok. That’s a lot of of compatibility.

I started off with the TMX Pro setup that came with the T3PA 3 pedal upgrade. Used that for a month and really liked it. I recently upgraded to the TX with the leather GT wheel and I’m using the T3PA pedal with that instead of the 2 pedal set up it came with. The difference between the TX and TMX is huge. Both are great wheels but the TX is on another level than the TMX and I don’t think its even $100 more than the TMX was. The FFB on the TX is incredible. I run my Forza settings on the lighter side but you can set it high enough that it’ll rip the wheel out of your hands if you’re into that kind of thing. Works great for PC2, AC and the Dirt games as well. If you’re looking to spend under $500 the TX or TMX are both solid choices.



Thrustmaster TX servo base, GT wheel, T3PA Pro pedals, TH8A shifter and Open Wheeler seat/frame setup. After having used a lot of different combinations my friends have, I believe this setup to be the best from a price/performance standpoint (best value).