What we could do against cheater?

Hi all. Hope you have fun in fh5. I have fun, still and with all the Bugs.
But if I hate something, is cheating…
I have actually a Thread in the paint section about cheating with vinylgroups. There is a possibily to create a vinyl with an a.i…

But since yersterday I race against someone that was on lvl. 2999. I know there are a lot of these accounts. But he also uses a car that had an acceleration like a rocket or Ufo. As he Was infront of me he did a big mistake and crashed. For me that race would be over, but he could just instead of 2-3 Corners reach the first place again. Drove in s900 but for me it looked like a x class.

Ok, I played all forza games also online since fm1. And I know how to recognize cheaters. So this was an idiot cheater. Didnt thougt about this long and wanted to report him. But then I coulnd find an option to see his forza Account. I tryed to find his gamer Tag over Auktion hause, creative hub and leaderboards. But no results. Couldnt find him again.

Only thing I could do is just report his xbox account over last players meet.

How do you guys handle this if you see someone is cheating in horizon open?

Personally, I recommend reporting cheaters via “Submit a Ticket” right here at the support section. Make sure to provide screenshots/videos of the cheating person. I really hope that someday Playgound will start taking action concerning those cheaters/hackers, because it is really getting out of hand.


I record them and send the clip along with the ticket here . Problem is you never know if anyone actually takes any action on the cheater as they don’t tell you anything.

True. I find this quite frustrating because u never know if they are really doing something about it. They are like yea thanks for providing this information to us but we will never tell u if it was worth it or not.

If the game itself was perfect, than maybe they would have the time to dig to all the cheater alerting tickets. But by now and knowing through own experience the lack of communication with submitted tickets they will not have the time to read and watch the cheating regarding ones.

That some of the exploits were cut off in the first patch we have to thank all the youtubers for that focussing on that point and of course pgg had an eye on youtube as well.

But in the current state the cheaters are pggs slightest problem. Just like a house where the roof is burning and some tenants are mocking around that the temparature is too high - you wouldn’t repair the air conditioner but extinguish the fire first…

Yesterday i saw that one of the cheater was removed from the hall of fame leaderboard. Maybe that report stuff is working.?

Could be a bug

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If you see something sketchy, you record it (their gamertag is there to be seen as well) and submit a ticket with that recorded video/screenshot (+ any other information you can give them) on Forza support page and move on with your day. Once it gets looked into by PG/T10 and false play is confirmed that person gets punished. That’s how the system is supposed to work and I believe it is working. Not everybody is a cheater, who gets accused in it. Every case needs to be looked into individually and all this takes time. FH5 is the most popular Forza title in the franchise. With the highest player count comes the biggest amount of support tickets, especially considering the other issues this game has and some of those other technical issues can occasionally reported as cheating. Everything piles up and we can’t expect results right after a report is made. Like Jogicat already mentioned there are currently higher priority issues PG needs to tackle first as well.

  1. buy a usb3.1 memory stick that support xbox one/series x. so you can quicky put into pc.

  2. set capture option to max 3min(series x) or 5min(xbox one)

  3. share button on controller set as capture video.

  4. report

  5. Why the hell we need install dashcam in a video game.