obvious cheaters

to the forum mods, I don’t think the intention of the last forum thread i was in was to shame the people who got some higher scores but to point out those that make it completely obvious that they have cheated to get it. like the top 500 people on the runway danger sign PR stunt in FH5. with the top person having a jump distance of over 10 miles. if you are going to make it obvious like that in having a completely impossible score or use a vehicle that doesn’t have a chance of doing that, then i think shaming those people is what is needed and deserved because they don’t deserve to be on the game if they are not going to play by the rules and make it fair for everyone. with that being said if this doesn’t get deleted this will NOT be a place to call out specific people by name but I hope it can be a place to make fun of their actions like the 53,000ft jump or the 300+mph speed zone.

The team understands and is working on anti-cheat measures. However this is an issue we want to go through Forza Support and not open for examples because we don’t want highlighting those actions for others to try to mimic (making the issue worse), and because it invites potential privacy issues. Please continue to go through Forza Support.

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