Cheater at FH5 +Picture

I saw this good guy cheating at Horizon Open races, im not sure if this is the correct way to report a cheater (did also in Xbox app) so u guys can decide what do, not only the level he was taking 90ºdegrees curves with not braking just like a train would do.

Proof: Steam Community :: Screenshot

If you suspect a player of cheating, you need to submit a ticket…here’s the FAQ page:

Whether anything is done is a different matter (some offenses seem to generate an Enforcement whereas others are just ignored)

I see they’ve played less time than me but are already max rank as well.

Yeah, I noticed that…initially I thought they had simply been running the Goliath Exploit 24/7 but, even running that 24 hours a day since release, I doubt they could have got anywhere near that level

14s over a 2 Minute track isnt that massive, unless you are within the top 3% of drivers