What tweaks would you like to see in these new forums?

What tweaks would you like to see in these new forums?

I would like to see the following:

  1. Ability to switch between dark mode and light mode
  2. Change colour of FM icon on chrome bookmark. Currently it’s a light icon on a light background making it invisible.
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there is a light and dark option in the personal settings somewhere, saw it the other day when i was looking around but cant find it again

I’ve just been through the preferences, and there is no option to turn off dark mode. There’s some nonsensical options, but no combination of any of them switch dark mode off.

the option is found in preferences

Yes, this. White on near white looks like there is no favicon, just gaps on my bookmarks bar. Yes please, a new colour / border would be nice.

I would like to be able to edit my avatar here. It doesn’t even match my old one / Xbox avatar.
Besides, my Xbox avatar is GTAV based. I’d like something other than that here.
It’s currently some robot thingy from some game I’d no doubt hate and never play.

There are currently no pinned tabs. Is this on purpose? Are we to rely on our history / my topics?
If so I’m sure glad we got the notifications options now.
I do think that some threads should still be pinned though. This is probably already on the list.

We used to have “Highlight” as an option in the text entry field for replying. Now only BOLD remains, which is barely noticeable. Underline, text colour and for edits, strikethrough would be nice handy features.

I realise that this has rolled out after a major overhaul and will still be being worked on.
I wouldn’t have said anything for a week but since this thread is here I just thought I’d add my points anyway.

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Avatars are pulled from XBox but its a work in progress atm i think.

The pinned threads are set to unpinned by default for the user by the looks of it, you can repin them by clicking the pin icon in the top left of the posts

other points im still looking for/at


For me this changes between dark mode and umm dark mode. Can you provide a screen shot of light mode?

looks like its doing that for me too, im sure it went white the other day when i tried it so maybe they removed it for some reason but will bring it up for someone to look at

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100% I’d like to see the end of this dark theme. Bring some light!


It’s permanently set to dark mode it seems…I changed my browser from dark mode to light mode (as it says this in settings: “You can preview the dark mode color scheme by toggling your device’s dark mode”) in the hopes that it worked but it changed nothing.

Guessing there’s an option somewhere that the admin needs to activate

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I agree theme is not pleasing at all other then that its pretty, I would be happier if you focused on fixing the game instead of reinventing the wheel. Things a buried way too deep not user friendly at all. We could use a area where we can post anything in the main stream with out it getting moved 4 layers deep. just my 2 cents

The forum is setup for a portrait view, on my monitor the messages take up less than half of the available real estate. I understand most people may use a mobile device in that view, but it’s really badly designed for landscape.


yeah i found that on my 4k monitor before the forums went live but we spent a bit of time trying to make use of the available space. Although some improvements were made i ended up changing my viewing settings instead and now view the forums at 150 % which gives me a better view of the characters on screen and makes better use of the space.

Appreciate the tip but I don’t really see that as a solution though, zooming in just makes everything bigger so that I only see 2-3 posts at a time.

Comparing it against a couple of other forums the message thread on here is about 50% smaller horziontally, in a thread with longer responses that’s a lot of scrolling to see them!

what are your windows settings ? cause they also make a difference Screenshot - af454c1c105535de64164af323f9d58b - Gyazo

Is your scale set to the recommended setting ? My monitor recommends 150% and my TV recommends 300% and thats on top of the chrome zoom setting of 150 i have

to negate the bigger text and less on screen when zoomed theres an option in preferences to choose your text size on the forums, so you could zoom then reduce text size and maybe find a setting that works for you ?

I can’t change the resolution on the monitor unfortunately, it’s locked for other programs (not that I’d change it just for 1 forum anyway!). On my TV that I also use with another computer the forum actually fills the whole screen ok, though I have a resolution set for me sat several feet away rather than right in front like my monitor.

I have changed my text size to smallest and that has made a difference though, didn’t know I could do that. :+1:


Is Max doing migration per hand? It shows posts as new but with old dates
Some stuff is shown as System or T10Max

Agree. I really like the format on mobile. Where as on desktop it’s ok.

I’ve heard many people doing this. Maybe it should be the default???

I just want to use my own Avatar.