New Forum software observations

In the short time I have been using the new forum software I have seen several improvements.

However, there some thing that I would like to see changed, or at least give us a chance to modify on a per user basis.

  1. The white print on black background is extremely difficult for me to read. From my olddddd days of using terminals, green print on black would be a welcome improvement (or choice?)
  2. The user icons in the middle of each forum topic are distracting and taking up space that perhaps could be put to better use.
  3. It is not easy to differentiate topics I have already read in full from those with new comments.
    EDIT: OK, now I see how to tell, but as related to #1, It is difficult for me to differentiate between bolded and non bolded when the color is white. It was extremely easy when it was black print on white background.

It sure would be great if there were different settings (some forums call these themes) where we could change things, in particular the white on black, to make the forums easier and more productive for each of us to use, given our individual preferences.

Finally, I really don’t like the “suggested Topics” lists at the end of each topic. I would be nice to be able to hide these as well.

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White on black I can kind of deal with. It’s the light gray on dark gray on the topic pages that I find most annoying. Not enough contrast, particularly if viewed in a well-light room.

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Welcome to r/forza. Loyalty is everything, and everything is nothing. Your suggestions have been noted.

We cannot immediately offer user-changeable themes for our board. We suggest each Forza community member instead learn a bit of JavaScript/CSS and create their own UserScript to modify the look of our website.

We have noted your suggestion with appropriate importance, but cannot guarantee anything. We apologize for any inconvenience or bitterness which may arise.

This is an automated response. Stay tuned to see if your suggestions get thrown out.