A Few Forum Suggestions

Consider having pages in threads after they reach a certain post amount to avoid endlessly scrolling through long threads. This will allow the user to click on first page, last, or somewhere in between.

State the date that each thread started.

Include sub-headings under the Forza Horizon 5 Side Bar such as “Tuners Garage”, “Paint”, etc.

Either get rid of the 2 different color oranges or have some type of key on your main page which explains what they mean. Since this is such a dark them, it might be beneficial to use white to highlight new posts. The current combination of grays and 2 different color oranges aren’t necessary nor aesthetically pleasing IMHO.

I’m a Moderator on the worlds largest painting forum for professional painting contractors, so I’ve been around forums for many years. I know that this new forum is still in its infancy, but it seems much more difficult to navigate than the old one, (speed differences not withstanding).

Thanks for your feedback. Still in the first week of the new layout, you’ll be seeing us make various tweaks going forward and I’ll be adding How-To topics with forums info.

As far as I know, the color settings are uniform across categories. Maybe the main colors are not different enough from each other, which we can address. Can you specify the category names or places where you’re seeing two different oranges?

For the moment we’re using colors to help identify categories, trying to use opposing colors from a six slice color wheel:

  • Pink for Horizon game discussion
  • Yellow for Motorsport game discussion
  • Red for Official Forza announcements and info
  • Green for Miscellaneous
  • Purple for Community content and groups.
  • Grey for Suggestions

If you have hex codes for preferred colors, that would be helpful feedback.

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Thank you for replying. On the main page for FH5 Discussion, there are currently 2 color oranges under the “Replies” section as well as “Views”. I have no other recommendations as far as particular colors really, (other than perhaps using white to notate new threads since the last user’s visit as I mentioned in my initial post). I just didn’t know why or what the difference was between the light vs. dark orange.

it starts as white then the colour changes to light orange then darker orange as the replies and likes verses replies go up for that topic, there is a line thatll appear to note which posts are new since your last visit. Give it a few days and youll start to pick up on some of the visual clues and tools the forums give to help navigate and use them.

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Thanks very much for the explanation. I appreciate it.

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