New Forums Wish List (2014)

Forum Wish List:

Welcome to the new Forza Motorsport Forums!

We are very happy to be rolling out our brand new forums and sharing the experience with you.

As with all new things, we know that there will be a little bit of a learning curve for us all. We have set up a Forum FAQ thread. If you are having problems you might check that thread to see if you can find a quick answer.

We would also like to know what you might like to see with the new forums. This doesn’t mean that all wishes will be granted, but we would like to hear your feedback about your experience, what should be added, or what things are giving you problems.

Please share your forum ideas in this thread. (Forza game wishes should be directed to their appropriate threads.)

Thank you –

The Forza Community Team

FM5 Game Wish List :


Bigger photos please.


More customization like the old forums. Being able to personalize the list of forums I see and being able to only show the forums I have unread posts in.


The fonts for the posts are so small + lots of negative space = hard on the eyes. . If you change the browser zoom settings, it helps make the posts readable, but makes everything else HUGE on the page.

EDIT: The fonts in the forum posts should be the same size as the fonts used in the news section on the main page.


+1 from me - disabling zoom on mobile devices isn’t user friendly and the size of the font and the colour scheme combine to render forum posts virtually unreadable. Please sort it out.


BBCode Spoilers please! Larger number of characters in signatures. 128 is WAY too small.

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id like to see something so anyone who posts a duplicate thread or asks the community for a link/info they could easily find themselves if they stopped to think for one second (which has happened more times than i can count already and this forum has been up barely hours) go back onto probation, so that all of their already answered questions(normally 5 times over) just dont get approved. shame it would probably cause too much work for the mods

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Just a few things I’d like to see:

  • Larger photos - Even if it’s only put back to 640px like we had before then it would be good, or maybe if an image is clicked it could be displayed in it’s original size? 500px isn’t big enough.
  • Very important one - we need the “My discussions” section back! The “My topics” button simply takes you to the active topics page instead of all the threads I’ve posted in.
  • Brighter text - The grey on grey look isn’t as nice to read in my opinion, although the white on grey look is good. Make it the default/primary view.
  • Bigger text - or at least the option to set text size.
  • A character limit notice - As well as the “Maximum number of characters in each post” written at the top, a “#### characters remaining” would be useful for longer posts.
  • Better alignment - When using bullets only the first line of text is indented, which looks odd.
  • Fixed spacing - The spacing between the end of the post and the “last edited by …” section, and the gap between title and post, are a bit too squashed. Also, whenever I insert a list it puts an extra line after the bullet points which can’t be removed and only appears after posting.
  • More player info - Location, bios and non-avatar gamerpics would be good to have back again.
  • More customisation of signatures - Mainly being able to centre it.
  • Sometimes the notification window that pops up appears all buggy - for example the one that appears when I archive PMs.
    Other than that I like the look of the new forums - they’re much more modern and some of the new features are cool.

I liked the bio on the profiles from the old forum. That’s gone now. Would be cool to see it return :slight_smile:

Why do only gamerpics of avatars show up and not other gamerpics?

Also it would be nice to have the user’s location under the gamercard again.

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This would be good, having regular gamerpics display instead of avatars, or maybe, at least an option of choosing which we want. (I’m not a big fan of the avatars , was happy Xbox One shy’d away from the focus on them.

I agree.
Are emoticons gone as well? I kind of miss them.

Some Ideas:
Bigger font
Ability to change color of font
Ability to use avatar gamerpic and non-avatar gamerpic
Player info
Ability to chose the size of our font
Ability to change background color of the forum page

I’d like to see bigger font. This is way too small.

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I would really like the ability to order posts descending from most recent to oldest.

Hope the car club area comes back.

I agree with everyone about the font. As far as anything else goes, I will edit this after I go explore a bit.

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Pleas bring back LV’s tune post from the old FM5 Discussion

My gamerpic is wrong… I haven’t used that in years, maybe a way to have custom pic show instead? This current picture I have the same issue with Xbox Live Rewards, it never updated, and I could never get an answer as to why that was.

The fonts for the posts are so small and not clear enough = hard on my old eyes.