Questions about new forums.


A new forum wish list has been created here.
Thanks -
Tester Dork


Would this be the best place for this and other general Forza related stuff ?

Oh, and what are photo/ sig size limits ?

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Maybe, and maybe not!

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Photos are automatically resized. Currently it’s set to resize to 500px wide, I’m going to see about getting that changed to 640px if possible. FAQs about the forum are being hammered out so those should answer a lot of questions going forward.

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I’m writing up a FAQ that will be stickied. If you’ve got some questions you can post them, and I’ll add them to the FAQ. For anyone else adding questions, please don’t duplicate ones already posted. (ie, not the same as a wishlist where the most repeatedly asked questions get answered first, I just need to know the questions once)

Max when i click on the title for the FAQ thread it attempts to download the link (chrome) but is okay if you use the icons (new post etc i think) to the right of the topic title

ooo, a like button, It would still be good to have a central place for anything generally Forza related. Including at the moment reporting any issues for example I dont know if its just both your guys privacy settings but your gamer pictures arent showing.

edit - Cheers Max, when I say both I mean Snowowl and Hiero, Snowowl doesnt have any stats at all.

agreed and same for me

I’m just curious about the usual stuff, what the new racing licenses equate to, sig limits, how to report hiero for impersonating a mod. The usual stuff. lol

EDIT:Snowowl and Hiero both have stats for me. Satniteeduardo doesn’t though.

Also dont know if its meant to but the forum dosent seem to resize itself too good for mobile devices (galaxy s4 chrome browser) it seems to lop off the right half of the screen so at best I can see the thread title, replies and views but no further like who made the last post and when

The forum Legend has Stickied and Stickied with new posts as the same icon.

I think the hot topic new posts icon should also be bright white ? (havent seen a hot topic yet)

The My Topics and the Active Topics buttons take me to the same place (not sure if the my topics link should jump you to that section of the page).

It would be good to be able to tell which game a thread relates to on the Active topics page.

It would be good if collapsible menus stayed collapsed till at least the end of the session.

the ability to turn off the edit note would be good.

Really need bigger photos, and bigger(wider) sigs would be good too.

New ranks for 10,000 & 15,000 posts.

Active topics tab doesnt show as selected, instead it shows all forums tab.

Miss the not answered thread view as it was easy to see if an easy question had been missed.

Collapse all and expand all buttons seem a bit pointless at times.

Profile page seems to be strangely set out. ( scroll bar in full screen for limited info)

You can’t view the post which you’re typing an answer to, UNLESS you quote it.

And the PMs don’t thread within the conversation, each one is separate.

I can’t copy photos directly into my posts, I must copy the image link and then use

Theres a small picture icon which shows only if you DONT use quick reply. Click that and it brings up a dialog box and walks you through

I know, but on old forum I can copy the image don’t need to copy the link and then use that icon or

Ah okay my mistake

No problem. Thanks anyway for your reply.

I do have stats that I see, except I have no Avatar thumbnail showing:

Hope I did that correctly. I miss the little “tree”. Well, that didn’t work.

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Yeah, you have stats now. Fred mentioned in another thread he fixed them…or at least they were fixed. :wink:

What does the Fox say!!! Faux

How long does it takes the Forums to update my post count. Didn’t have any old posts, did the one above. Checked and it reported me a 0. Will it sill report me as 0 after this or will it be 2?

It takes approximately 5 minutes for the post count to update.