Dark vs Light Mode

The Forza forums currently only offer Dark mode viewing but we’re thinking of adding Light mode. Given the choice, which one would you expect to predominantly use based on how you use other sites?

  • Dark Mode
  • Light Mode
  • Either depending on reasons

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Considering how inclusive the game is with its accessibility options its annoying we only have 1 option here.

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Could you perhaps post side by side screenshots of light vs dark mode maybe? I’m so used to this forum being dark so it would be difficult to decide on if light mode is any better…I would probably use light mode assuming it looked better

My 2 cents. It should just be an option. Given these forums are brand new I believe it should be relatively easy to extend the CSS (or whatever they use these days) to cater for both dark and light mode.

The default mode should be based on system default which is possible on Android and I suspect IOS and Windows too.

In general people tend to use dark mode either because they are a hipster or they want to save a little bit of battery life. However dark mode often hurts many peoples eyes which is why it’s important to support both dark and light.

In terms of priority, it’s a nice have at this stage. Maybe something to include in the months to follow. Personally I would focus time in improving the layout on desktop to show more content and not waste so much space. In comparison the layout on mobile is pretty good.

I prefer dark mode over light but Id also like and probably use ‘match my windows theme’? mode if it was available.

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My migraines are triggered by white text on a black background.
So i have been unable to use these forums for a long time