WHAT STARTER DID YOU CHOOSE? (or what will you choose?)

is it just me or did forza horizon kinda copy pokemon?
Any way what starter car would you choose or did choose?
Was it the 1970 Camaro SS witch is a muscle car love car and unicorn in forza motorsport 4?

Was it the 1998 drift king of Toyko, Toyota supra which you could turn into this master piece:

or the BMW Sdrive z4 which just looks nice on the country roads of Italy:

it would be nice to see which would be good for the first races.

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I chose the Supra!

I went with the 1969 (its not a 1970) Camaro. It is cheap to upgrade and after finishing the first four races I had it upgraded to S Class and it drives great if you know what you are doing with muscle cars.

I choose the 69 camaro SS always loved the muscle car and it was one of my favorite unicorns in FM4. So once I started the game I picked it.

Couldn’t help myself. Went with the Beemer.

Am not disappointed. :smiley:

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Strated with the Toy , ran a few runs found out WE CAN’T TUNE or do the ALL WHEEL drive swap on 360’s , so i dumped it and now i’m running the VW R32 . This is a blast ! On 360 we shafted on alot of cars but glad the did add a few i enjoyed from f4 !

I had to pick the supra! Now it’s my 900 hp drift car!