What car will you be starting with? Z4, Camaro or Supra?

I searched and couldn’t find a thread about this, so I thought I’d see what everyone plans to pick as their starting car. I plan on starting with good old American muscle with the Camaro SS.

Supra for me. I’m going to make some money with it and then buy the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, upgrade it a little and start the road trip. Then I’m going to buy the BMW X5 and continue the road trip, alternating between the X5 and Genesis Coupe. At first I was going with the Z4, but the Genesis Coupe and Z4 are in the same class, so I’m going with the Supra since that’s in a different class. I don’t like the Camaro, I’ll rather have a different muscle car.

Toyota Supra for me, it’s been a car I’ve liked for years.

Torn between the Camaro and the Supra. I don’t much care for the Z4.
The Supra has that 2JZ and the Camaro… Well I mean it’s a Camaro. Pure Americana between that thing and the Mustang.
Idk. I’ll most likely do the, “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo” method to choose haha.

Camaro for me. It will be a great drag car for my stable of beasts…

Proly the Camaro. I’m kind of impulsive, so that might change when the time comes☺

I can’t decide between the Supra or the Z4 - I like the heritage of the Supra and the numerous Fast and Furious designs that will be made for it; but there’s something about the Z4 that I just love. I think it’s the body shape. If I can’t decide between the two, I’ll go by the stats - most balanced stats wins.

Z4! Always been a BMW fan.

Camaro! I love that year model.


…the Supra, that is :smiley:

Shut up Charmander… I mean Mokuba.
Nobody will catch the reference unless with a google search.

Got to be the Supra for me, especially with the 2JZ, great stock speed, brilliant handling and being Japanese. Also being into drifting this shall come in handy to have as a first car.

Camaro with a Yenko paint job.

Supra is so creamy!

Z4 since everyone will have a supra day one.

Supra, I’ve got to see how much power the 2jz can make. If I don’t see 4 digits after race everything I’m gonna throw a fit.

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Camaro for me.

Supra for me it’s always been my dream car

American Muscle for me. Camaro

I think I’ll have to go with the Supra. Have never been much of a fan of the BMW roadsters and have rarely found myself using them in past titles. I can’t say I won’t get the Camaro at some point since of the big American 3 that one is my favorite, but I doubt I’ll start with it.