what is up with the lag in the car selection in multiplayer

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the lag is so brutal when you are trying to go through your garage inventory to pick a car in multiplayer between races or even single player for that matter. It happened several times where I was unable to find a car in my inventory in time because the screen would go black and not show the car nor stats. I do not recall ever having that problem before.


The unresponsive interface in multiplayer
the constant CTD
the infamous unpenalized unsporting behavior
idle cars and backmarkers not getting ghosted

this is what’s killing fm7.


I think it’s due to amount of detail they are trying to display at any 1 time. It’s rather annoying and often results in the wrong car being chosen in multiplayer. The UI has most certainly taken a turn for the worse when compared to fm6. Here’s hoping that the xbox one x release means the game will be fixed for it’s release date

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