Garage sooooo laggy

I can’t even browse my car selection without the game freezing on me and I don’t even have 100 cars yet. It’s even worse when in the free play menu and I want to change my car. This is pretty basic stuff and sucks the fun right out of it…

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If you’re trying to get some kind of technical help - would suggest asking a Moderator to move your thread to the technical support section.

Specify as much information about your system to assist in identifying a possible problem. I’m on original Xbox One and have recently got the 500 cars in my garage achievement, wouldn’t call my garage lightning quick but it’s not freezing at any stage.

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Its bad

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Mine is fine, but perhaps because I don’t have even one paint other than the few VIP or gift cars which are delivered with liveries.

I’ve had mine freeze twice, and it’s generally while it’s loading a race and at the same time I’m scrolling to fast through the cars, once on a one s, another time on a one x.

There is lag/delay in the car selection screen due to the 3D models. This is a design choice by T10 and have stated it will not change.

If your game is crashing then yes you need to post in the technical section for help.

If they have stated it will not change than what good will posting this in the technical section do for people lol

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I said if the game is crashing to post in the technical support section as that should not be happening, not because of the lag/delay that I’m sure many people if not everyone experiences.

If you have an Xbox One X project Scorpio edition be cautious. Also if you have an external hard drive transfer all your games to it and save your settings to it as well.
I say this because that was what mine was doing just before it died. Microsoft was great and replaced it at our local Microsoft store in 10 min… Very pleased with the service but sad it happened. I had all 32 of my games on an external hard drive and my system settings there as well and it was pretty much a plug and play. I was playing games in under an hour and the only reason it took that long was the initial update to the console.

I purchased the external hard drive to make the transition from a day one Xbox One to the Xbox One X but it really paid for itself when the Xbox One X died. Nice not having yo fight for space too as it is an 8 gig hard drive.

I do hope that this does not happen to you but if it does the external hard drive is sooooo worth it!

Interesting to see this news about a Scorpio Edition. I’ve paid pretty close attention to the One X rollout since its launch and you’re literally the first person I’ve seen mention having any serious issues with the One X. And I browse multiple gaming sites and message boards daily as well as having multiple friends who all got Scorpio Editions at launch.

Should of kept the 2D models,if I want to admire what the cars look like I will use forzavista.



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Agree ! Also , menu at 60fps … 30fps look soo old …

Gran Turismo Sports is the way to follow IMO

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It is pretty buggy for sure. I have 766 cars in my garage and it is a diabolical nightmare at times. What really upset the applecart was by duplicates or in the case of FE’s some I have 10 -14 of the same model to paint and decal so if I click on one and the graphics loads the following 13 shows the same design even though they are not the same or still in standard form. Sometimes even taking it to Forzavista it shows incorrect and I have to make it all the way to the track loading screen to find out if I have the right car.

It’s still slow but you have to admit, it was much worse when the game first launched. Updates have speeded it up some, but not enough.


This thread help resolve that issue on PC:

I’ve got a One S. I wrote the original post when I was really frustrated and mad as hell It’s only crashed a couple times but the lag is always really bad and almost unbearable sometimes. If they have no way to address or just expect players to accept it then I’m likely done soon, will just sell it while it’s worth something. Too bad I’ve been a fan of the series since the beginning. Such a damn shame, when you actually pick a car and get on the track to drive it’s brilliant. I spend a lot of time looking through cars to decide what to drive sometimes and if that part is constantly frustrating then what’s the point?

I feel your pain.

It’s almost impossible to cycle through the garage between races in multilayer.

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I wish it was just pictures like before. You should be able to fly through a menu when there’s 700 cars, but it’s rough just cycling through the next manufacturer.

It’s obviously made for the more powerful X, so I wish they just made it for those players. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Yeah, it’s really bad. I do longer races (30 minutes and up), so a couple of minutes a day to cycle through my cars doesn’t bother me that much but if I would do shorter races like in hopper lobbies it would drive me crazy for sure.