What is the Player's level for in the game?

Car level needed to unlock upgrade parts, but i can’t realize why i need the Player’s Level?

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Literally to see the level of other players i guess.

I was going to ask the same question. Do we get any reward when we level up?

For around every 5 driver levels you reach, you get 35,000 Credits. Other than that, it’s just an indication of how much the player has played the game.

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To be proud about … :wink:

Well… Due to the fact that my progress in championships is often not saved , I have reached a very high pilot level… and I feel proud )))


does it actually serve a purpose?
i’ve been playing a few weeks now… i passed 999 a while ago and have a star and now sitting at 500 something.
BUT WHAT IS THIS ACTUALLY FOR??? nothing happened when i “leveled up” or got my star, nor did anything special unlock.

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Just like every other game… bragging rights,and every few levels they toss you some credits or whatever.But mostly like in other games,it’s just bragging rights.

To be embarrassed about how much time you’ve wasted grinding up cars.


I wonder if they’ve accounted for the millions of levels a player will need to grind through all the cars? Or does the level stop at 999 and the rest of your labors are in vain?

no, no. it is a very worthwhile endeavor! once you pass 999 (and take a seat for this). you DO NOT get a truck load of credits, you DO NOT get an exclusive car or cars, you DO NOT get any special driver gear…but you do get… wait for it… you do get A STAR next to your name.
bet it’ll bring back wonderful memories of when you impressed your teacher with a nice crayon drawing and got a nice shiny star for it.
that is how turn10 sees us… a bunch of little kids who will be appeased or motivated with a nice shiny STAR.


Your player level is broken. And nobody should be at 999 yet. It is one of the 462,000 bugs in the game.

This is just a microcosm of the complete catastrophic failure this game is. They can’t even get the level thing to work right, and it doesn’t mean anything anyway. If that doesn’t define this game…

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Player level gives 35k every level, nothing more.

to go up and down randomly in a vain attempt to distract you from everything else that is broken


You need to look up the definition of sarcasm. Everyone already knows this is a small part of the equation. But they could do that with every 5th race or some other simple method.

And anyway, that’s only 6,998,000cr at level 999. Why not just give us that much cr to start and bag the driver level nonsense?

I mean 7 mil at the end of a 999 career run is just a drop. Isn’t really that big of a payday over that much time.

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Imagine youre stuck so deep in the progress/reward game loop you write an essay about reaching max level and not getting a special thingy.

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For posing purpose. Look, i am level 500 with 2 stars, but at the first turni ram you into the ground for no reason.

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If it’s a gold star then okeydokey!

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We’ll be getting drivers suits.

I’d rather have the ability to style my own drivers suit…

Maybe that comes at level 999 and 3 stars?


Hello I hope you are all well.I am prestige 3 with just over 1000 hours I has taken me about 300 hour to get each prestige so far I say about 300 hours because I have painted some cars and such and this all adds to your total play time.I play about 18 hours a day I have heath conditions so I don’t sleep much.I hope you all have a great day and all the best to you and your family’s.