What is the hardest car to handle for you?

What is your nightmare to drive? :smiley:

For me, I still don’t get how to drive rear-engined cars with “bad” weight distribution. It’s OK to drive them but some situations are too tough to handle. It’s fun to drive them… sometimes.

For instance, Porsche 959 is very hard for me, because you can have feeling of AWD start but it’s not that grippy for the power.

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There are a bunch that just don’t handle well. The Caterham is terrible and I can’t stand the Bugattis. It’s like trying to steer a boat. I have a bunch of cars in favourites and there are even more that I like but there are only a handful that I drive for the pure enjoyment of driving them.

You are right, Caterham is hard for me too. And yes, Bugattis have power and weight but not enough grip for it. Divo is better tho.

The Veyron is a barge but the EB110 is one of the best cars at S1 class.

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The Caterham is hard?! You just need the right tune.

Download my tune for the Caterham Superlight R500 (not the Forza Edition version)! It’s overpowered for A Class and very easy to drive!

Edit: If you want ‘hard to drive’, besides the 3 wheelers (excepting the Morgan), then the Rimac Concept Two is a pig of a car to drive!

The Reliant Robin without the stabilisers… dreaded.


Have you guys ever tried to race using Alfa Romeo P3?
The difference between “turning” and “spins out of control” is only about a hair’s breadth.
IMO that thing is the hardest car to handle.

The Bugatti Divo and EB both handle really well. If any car feels like a boat, adjust the front rollbars to make them softer. Bunch of other stuff you can do aswell but rollbars are a good starting point.

The 959 although AWD needs to be tuned like a RWD, ie higher front rebound and stiffer front rollbars.

Pretty mutch every A-class all power no handling RWD build even Hoonicorn feels really easy car to drive fast when comparing those ones.

Wow, thanks for the tips, I will test them all soon and let you know.

With tuning it should be better. I always wonder who would drive the stock. The car feels a bit unbalanced because when you lose grip it’s already too late and it’s hard to balance max grip/lose of grip.

You are right, too much power and not much grip. 959 stock is A too.

Oh yeah, that Alfa Romeo P3 is an animal. I’ve worked hard on that thing and can race it, but sometimes I feel like I’m in a slow-motion train wreck.

A couple weeks ago I started another thread over in the tuning section asking for some open-source help on tuning the thing, and there’s good information there from a couple helpful tuners. I’ve also got a decent tune of my own out for it. Give the B629 313HP tune a try; I’m not totally dissatisfied with it, and it helps on some of the car’s bad habits.

anything with 3 wheels.


For the P3, You need to Steer with the Throttle as much as the Steering wheel, Remember “Slow in, Fast Out”, go into a Corner Slowly, then Gentley feed in the Power while it turns so it goes into a Four Wheel Drift, then Boot it out of the Corner when the Tyres finally Hook up.

Hope that Helps.


Single worst car to drive is the Reliant, followed by the Peels and Isetta (as entertaining as they are). Reliant can’t turn worth anything, and the Peels/Isetta are way too squirrely once you start adding power with the high center of gravity relative to their width and the skinny rear.

More generally, anything with a rear engine tends to handle weirdly. Especially the buggies (although that could be a result of my bias against them due to my general dislike of cross country racing).

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Any 3 wheeler. Wow.

The Caterham drives fine with a little fine tuning. It’s a light car with insane acceleration. As long as you don’t treat the right trigger like an on/off switch, the car drives fine.

Try my tune. You can full throttle the thing without it spinning out.

I get that and I’m used to using partial throttle to stay on the limit of traction in the game and real life but you have to be so gentle with the caterham that it takes the fun out of it for me. It breaks traction way too easily and becomes frustrating. I’ve won races with it but it’s still a difficult car.

Caterham FE, it handles like a rocket-powered shopping trolley.

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The Veyron, bores me to death whenever I’ve driven 1 in any Forza.

Always baffled me how Clarkson sung it’s praises so highly on Top Gear yet constantly lambasted American cars for being straight line speed merchants with terrible cornering.