What do you all do after forzathon

I’ve been doing forzathon again to boost my points incase we get something in the shop I don’t already have

Once the event finishes, everyone seems to park up in random places and drop into the menus.

Is everyone buying a wheel spin or something else?

Switching to the car I planned on driving, fast traveling to the race I planned on doing. I always use Alfa FE for forzathon because it has good skill multipliers for skill challenges and just a good car all round for forzathon.

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I just do endless AWD stationary doughnuts in front of someone else honking my legendary horn. They just sit there in place, obviously astonished by my l33t skilz

Sometimes they just watch me in awe for 10 minutes or more…


You do realise that horns can be turned off. So they can’t hear your stupid horn & the fact they’ve probably AFK so they can’t see your “l33t skill”.

Well that was a waste of at least 10 hours of gameplay for me then


lmao @ above
i never make it to the end of forzathon events. either the game crashes or it puts me by myself after listening to someone rev their dumb lambo for 4 minutes, making it impossible to complete (even tho if i pause the game i can see the other players on the map)
it’s almost kind of nice that the store prizes have been so boring all month because otherwise it would be monumentally frustrating having to always do them by myself and only getting 40 points out of 15 minutes. dunno why the game does that but lol, good work

Lately I’ve noticed quite a few other players in each Forzathon, many not even hitting the 10 minute warning. Although there was one last night in ‘the woods’(not sure exactly) that had a miserable wooded drive 3 miles to the first dirt road speed trap, then another couple miles through woods to a miserable dirt drift zone, then another 3 miles to a massive jump that took forever to climb back up. Even with 10 of us we scraped by with ~20 sec left. It was actually the first thrilling ending I’ve had in a while.

You can fast travel during the event.

A month after getting the game I’m bored of the forzathon live events (I must have done dozens) especially as the shop is offering nothing of interest now. If that changes I’ll do some more.

And yes what else to do in this game? It’s a good question. After you’ve done all the achievements and you’ve reached a plateau in your online ranking, what else is there to do?

Personally, I BWAAAAAAH!!!, spin donuts and “Spiffing!”

Then try and make new and fun tracks, then invite people to em. Never know, it might get noticed :wink:

I normally just go off or do some racing but sometimes I just sit and wait an hour in the hope I can get an online game. In regards to wheelspins I just wait until the new season starts them buy about 5 super wheelspins (im vip) assuming I have enough left over after buying what ever car they’ve decided to sell.

I post the “GAME OVER YEEAAAHH!” quick chat and speed off away from all the other players.