What comes Next?

Guys from T10 Studios

It is about Time to give us some answers? Everyone knows you like it to say nothing. But many of us have enough. Enough from your Politics. Enough from Turn 10

When did you Guys think to give us a Full Working Forza Motorsport 7? The List is so ridiculous long

~ An open AH like Forza Motorsport 4? No Rules how many and for witch Price i have to sell
~ Shop System. I want to Buy everything from the Designer/Tuner in one step. Not searching hours and hours
~ Send Cars as Gift for Friends
~ Sell all Cars. Not 20% of 700 Cars
~ Multiplayer with AI
~ Online System to Bann the Crash Kids like Gran Turismo Sport
~ Sound Bug Fixes
~ Grafik Bug Fixes
~ Design Editor Fixes
~ Game Freezes
~ etc etc etc etc…

The points from all the other players extend the list longer and longer and longer… and you do nothing. Did you think seriously that the people buy another Forza Part anymore?

Heavily annoyed greetings


Thanks for your feedback, you can contact the developers directly via their email forzafb@microsoft.com