What are the starter cars in the qualifying rounds?

I can’t find a list and wanted to download them all?

From memory (so not necessarily 100% accurate)

Toyota GT86
Mazda FD RX7
Honda S2000
Subaru 22B

There is also one other one that I can’t remember, I think it was FWD though.

Just found the video
The last car is the 2014 VW Golf R

The qualifying series is the exact same thing as the Demo if you played that at all.
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Thanks, I have the search skills of a padowon today!

If you want - I have a top of their class for qualifying tune shared for each one as well. You may not be able to use it until after a couple races (maybe all of them) but it’s good for the first few races you o afterwards as well as just any C Class races you do in those cars.

Mazda RX - 7
Subaru 22b
Toyota GT86
Honda S2000 CR
VW Golf R (2014)

Ppidrive thanks I will check them out. I just finished a bunch of paint jobs for those cars and they are getting used so much I got badges already. I was surprised the pink is being downloaded so much.

Is it the F&F pink? That car’s in the game as well so that’s interesting but goo job, congratulations.

Not that pink one. I used lime green racing stripes with #7 and pink