Best Starter Car?

Greetings Fellow Racers, as the title states I would like advice (the game is downloading as we speak) on which car you all feel is very good at the start. In the demo i chose the Honda S2000 and was very pleased with the predictable handling characteristics of the auto. What are your thoughts on which car?

I tried the 22B (hated it but part of that was issues with it stalling off the line using manual w/clutch) and the RX7 in the demo. I was reasonably happy with the RX7 performance. I didn’t get through all three races on unbeatable with it though (Pro, unbeatable plus mod, unbeatable no mods). I chose the RX7 again in the full game with a repeat of the results. Pro for first race, Unbeatable with the track bonused mod in the 2nd race and unbeatable mod free in the third race.

tied between the S2000 and RX7, Subi felt sluggish s did the golf, GT86 I was faster in but more difficult to drive the RX7 and S2000 were both easy and consistent enough for me

Oh of course I took the RX7 and painted it green.

On my way to my all green Mazde Collection!

later on I bought the classic Mazda (great addition). woo that car needed some tuning and upgrades, else I would have gotten lapped by the ai lol

I’ve been ripping the 2014 Civic SI with a custom tune and engine swap thanks to Raceboy77. The car rips every which way.

i prefer the handling characteristics of awd so i took the subaru. yep it’s sluggish off the line.

but you can drive it like you’re on fire
and personally i have a lot more fun with that compared to a more reserved mature car.

I like the 22b but really it’s not upgraded that well and would do better in a higher class potentially.

For best results or most fun I’d go with the Mazda or the GT86.

vw golf R