Wen to Australia for some sun

Is anyone else here really not feeling the seasons in online race/team adventure?

I’m almost certain the preferred season is Summer due to ideal road conditions.

Unfortunately with the random online races, you have no control for race type, road conditions, or seasons. Which means we only have a 25% chance of getting summer in an online championship. Quite disappointed that we now have to enter a RNG system to race in optimal conditions. Furthermore, we only race in summer Horizon Life for 1/4 weeks per month. So I can only race/explore in Summer for 1 week then wait 3 weeks? Odd…

Spring/Autumn feel identical so it seems that you’re racing in wet conditions 50% of the time.

Much preferred FH2/3 when it was primarily summer with the odd rainy race here and there.

Seasons were cool in theory, but I don’t care much to race in non-summer conditions. I think they should prioritize Summer in the online adventure series and shorten the Horizon Life season cycle to every 2 -3 days. 1 week in a season is too long especially if it’s our least favourite. Big bummer that Summer (aka dry roads, full bloom environment) is the minority in this game.