We need an Indy Car hopper

I posted this in the game features wish list a few days ago, but that thread is such a cluster that my post got buried within hours so I feel it’s best to get some sort of discussion going in a separate thread.

Anyway, we have a Forza GT hopper, 70s GP & V8 Supercars. All of which are great, but why don’t the Indy cars get any love? You could jump in X class lobbies but their is not much point to using them when everyone else is running the E21. The only time when you would use an Indy car in the X class hoppers is when Indianapolis Motor speedway or Old Le Mans comes up on the track rotation, other than those two speed tracks, the E21 slaughters the indy cars everywhere else.

I think we should have a separate Indy car hopper which is similar to Forza GT hopper, ie lots of laps. Anybody else want this?

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If anybody else wants it, they can also post in the Game Features Wish List.

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