Petition to make GT Racing MP Hopper permanent (and add some more mini-endurance series)

I know this could go into the wishlist thread, but i believe this deserves a separate thread. (will see if the mods think the same :wink: I also quickly checked if theres a similiar existing thread but couldnt find anything like that.

Back to topic: Since the GT mini endurance series hopper is online i had some of the most exciting MP races ever with FM5. The increased number of laps really helps to get ‘into the zone’ and i’d love to see this hopper being a permanent offer in FM5 MP. Furthermore there are some really competitive folks in these lobbies and the amount of crashers seems to be lower compared to other lobbies.

We should have even more hoppers like this for race class series like P and X (a one lap race in LeMans or 3 laps of Sebring isnt really exciting in a prototype car). How about restricting these endurance lobbies to a certain body class/type like the GT one? This way we could have proper race series without relying on private lobbies only.

Whats your take on this? Pls sign if you agree (pity there’s no poll system in these forums)

I second that - it’s really been much more fun for me than the shorter three lap-races in the other lobbies. I also like P class races, but since the Endurance Hopper’s been online I’ve never really gone back to a P class lobby.

I agree that longer races gives you more time to pull away from the maniacs and get involved with racing. I’ve found that after the first few corners / lap the pace is usually set but if you get took out early it’s difficult to recover and put in a few decent laps. Especially if you’ve got to overtake jonny crash happy.

Defo agree, The old school F1 series needs to be made final as well.

What really needs to happen is race series in rotation!

That’s pretty much the point of that thread. Let’s keep all requests in there so they don’t get missed.

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