E Class Hopper Now Available!


Noticed that earlier, completes the set of car classes.

Nice, now if only we know for sure we won’t get randomly disconnected :slight_smile:

How about multi-class hoppers? I’m not sure why I’m asking because I know the answer will be no.

Construct a fair argument and make a case for the inclusion of a Multi-Class Hopper. If the rest of the forum agrees with your suggestion then maybe Turn 10 will try it out.

Go look up the 1970s Grand Prix thread for an example of this. I outlined an issue with those cars, offered a reasonable solution and backed it up with points in how it would be a good Hopper. Turn 10 added it within a day.

I don’t really think it needs debating, ABCS was one of the most popular lobbies in FM4/5 so its absence is strange.

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Thanks so much Turn 10.

Oh yay.

I have this camper van that does 0-60 in a stiff breeze, falls over a lot - but more importantly has a back kitchen that makes a lovely cup of tea which I can hand over to the faster drivers as they are lapping me.


Very nice! I will check this out this weekend.

I’m relatively new to Forza and I already wondered why no E-class multiplayer existed because after all a LOT of the cars in the game are E-class cars.

That hopper was very good fun last night, some very close racing.

Thank you for the E-class hoppers. That’s really great. I will try it later this day.

Now we only need a better track rotation in the C-class ghost hoppers. There are really good drivers in this ghost hopper, but it is very boring to drive only the short tracks. We need all the tracks. In Forza 5 you give us the full track list and that is really great. Please, give us more tracks in the C-class ghost hopper. It’s a great possibility to test cars and drive without any crashes. I also drive the other hoppers but sometimes I only want to drive some good races without any wreckers and crashes. Then the ghost hopper is perfect…

That means that in the past few weeks Turn10 have added C+E Hoppers and an extra league per week - All good.

E Class - I’ll get whipped if any of the top leaderboard guys are in a lobby. They can get better times than I can in D Class on some tracks! Definitely worth a go though.

There’s plenty of top Tuners who have posted Tunes as well if you’re a mechanical novice like me.

Note to self: E Class = Momentum

Good handling and low power provided many great battles.
The Jeep Willys is surprising useful on tracks with short straight. My favourite grip car so soon.

now just add a separate Ghost hopper for every class so we can enjoy the game and play whatever class without getting wrecked

It seems that the Willy’s Jeep is the go-to car for E-Class. None of my cars can even come close to beating one, even my '65 Cooper S. But ah well. I don’t mind losing to a Jeep, if you can’t tell already by my gamertag. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I recall the Mazda Cosmo was very good in the E Ghost League but you may need to change tunes depending on the track.

Woo Hoo! Good stuff T10!

Time to get some tuning done! I may try to play and test some cars tonight then

Brilliant, love e class, just wish I could get on multiplayer more than once a week, but hey! I suppose you can’t have everything

I tried it out tonight, my first real foray into Multiplayer. I used a Celica GT and usually ran middle of the pack. All in all it wasn’t a bad experience except for the last race. On the last lap some guy over cooked a corner and went off. I passed him as he was coming back on track but I guess he just couldn’t handle not finishing 8th so he took me out at the end of the straight, just so he could get 8th place back. Oh Well.

Got on e hopper last night, best racing I’ve had on Forza 6 so far, good close clean racing, not 1 wrecker in 4 hours and not 1 single disconnect. Was I just lucky or have we finally turned the corner? I really hope the latter is true. Just one thing though 5 laps on the ovals, in e class, really!!! But only one lap on spa???