Wall-riding With New Mechanics

Forza Horizon 5 is different to 4 in terms of the mechanics; the driving and handling is very similar to Motorsport. It’s a lot more realistic and you can’t just use ‘full power & no control’ like you could in Horizon 3. With this in mind, if you hit the wall while going round a bend, because of the realism of the game, you slow down anyway, so why are the slow-down penalties still in effect in this game? It’s not like you can easily wall-ride anymore. It’ll be like trying to wall-ride in motorsport.

The original reason for these penalties was because people could wall-ride using more or less full power which made it unfair.


We should just remove the walls. Problem solved IMO.

Way too many drivers in this game are too reliant on the walls. A slowdown pales in comparison to the wilderness trek many of them should be taking.


One of the biggest issues in FH2, 3, 4 online was that any old kid could get a maximum-power-no-handling tune and ride the walls around most corners quicker that normal cars could take them clean. It was especially an issue in C, B and A class.

They finally addressed the problem with forced a slowdown effect if you tried to do this, and it worked fairly well for the most part.

Fast forward to a brand new game, and it’s gone again. Why would they remove this? It’s such an idiotic choice. I can’t wait for loads of my races to be won by someone who doesn’t take a single corner cleanly…


It’s not removed, I believe it’s just broken (as are a lot of things with this game currently). I’ve had the slowdown thing happen once in the dozen or so online ‘races’ that I’ve completed and it was because someone rammed me into the wall. Every online race I’ve been in is filled with people straight-lining to the wall, bouncing off, and continuing to use other players are barriers. There is no ‘racing’, it’s pretty much a free for all. Unfortunately, this game has many issues with the multiplayer portion and this is just one of them.

Agreed with above. Ghosting and slowdown penalties are there but not reliably working.

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Yeah it’s in but bad implementation.
Crashed with 10 ppl straight into wall only 1 was slowed down. You can also use the wall with the back-corners of your car it doesn’t slowdown then (worked already in fh4).
But there is more broken atm u can drive with the car on walls…

Watching vids the other day and the only way people can pull off certain ‘not losing’ is by bouncing off walls.

I’m trying the current teo scramble and race cars + dirt roads = more walls than an ice cream vendor!

Is this game now some elitest giggle fest where the rest of us fall on our knees and bow to you in supplication saying “We are not worthy?”

Walls are your friends. It’s good for overtaking.

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We need a laugh response!


cant say ive ever had to use walls to win, or other cars either

im only on above average difficulty though. i do know that other difficulties are contested at the moment as to their ai buggy or non-bugginess.

Above avg no longer exists when it comes to the seasonal stuff. It is ‘fixed’ to highly skilled, and the way they are OP right now, it is crazy!

Not ashamed to say I stick to Average difficulty. I’m here to have fun, not bang my head against the wall. I do my best not to use the chrome horn or the walls, but sometimes…

You didn’t play FH4 I take it?

Now that clean racing and points don’t matter like they did in FH3 and 2 there is no incentive to race clean. Sometimes worth the gamble for people to wall ride and see if they don’t get a penalty

How do you get so many forzathon points?

No matter what your difficulty setting is the Seasonal events change them automatically to Highly Skilled, I didn’t notice till after a couple of races. Some of those races I had to hit a wall to catch up with the front 3 cars.

I always raced hiley skilled in FH4 as it was the the difficulty to get top prizes in seasonal. For the road races and such I could race pro, but hated switching for my most hated race series…cross country. I just always left it at highly skilled. In 5, I maintain above average, as others have mentioned, it’s all for fun and not aggravation.

I only did the classic muscle championship. I thought I was still racing against my usual Novice AI until I got to the end and won the car.

You can’t approach FH with the same mindset as FM.

I was playing a lot of GTS before FH5. GTS is similar to FM, better even (surprise! I changed my ways! no longer a PS hater): it’s all about precision. FH on the other hand will also require precision but you have checkpoints, walls, passthrough penalties that eliminate the realism. It’s just not the same type of game.

I don’t like to race competitively in FH. Actually, I don’t like online, period. But FM with fair players (1% of the player base, maybe even less) is pretty excellent, as is GTS.

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Agreed…to allow players to go too fast in a turn and get assistance(or even rewarded) from a wall…is not positive for any ‘racing’ game. May as well turn it all cartoon if that is the new philosophy for Horizon.

Is there a way to turn this off?

I keep getting rammed into walls and it freezes my car for a good 3 seconds, and every single opponent gets to zoom by, often getting such a lead that its impossible to regain place.

I’m not the best driver, but I dont drive dirty and dont ram people and I find this time penalty happening alot in these new custom races.

I also feel like not everyone gets a penalty, cause I saw other hit a wall and just continue on full speed - and some races dont appear to trigger penalties at all, for anyone.

Is there some trigger that makes me get hit with this so much in open races? It wasn’t happening last evening, but today its near impossible to play as every turn, if someone is close - I get penalized, and I refuse to believe its solely my doing - every time.