W4RLOCK38 Open Source..A class(4 cars)...S Class RUF Rt 12 S

Here is the first open source built and tune, looking forward for feedback.
A Class Viper GTS '13

779 hp
Torque 694 LB-FT
Weight 3040
Front 50%
Displacement 8.4L

Speed 7.8
Handling 5.5
Acceleration 9.0
Launch 8.7
Braking 5.9

Built: (if not described STOCK)
Race intake
Sport exhaust
Race valves
Race brakes, springs and dampers, front and rear roll bars and sport weight reduction
Race driveline
Race diff
Full front and rear tire width
Rims T57 gram lights or equal
Race front and rear aero
Convertion, Centrifugal supercharger

28.5 28.0
0/0 0/0
20.0 25.0
54% 200% (personal )
55% 8%
Tune @ Road America
Assist turned off with manual trans no clutch.


Just at a quick glance with out driving it yet i would say this should be a very stable car. Everything looks about right.

Yes, that’s what this car is…stable…it’s a user friendly car…thanks for your feedback

I just tried this, nice.
I turned the camber up -3.5/-3.2 and diff to 50%. To give a little more turning ability because it was easy to drive and needed more oversteer. You could try increasing rear springs also but i did’nt test that.
Good job btw

@ W4RLOCK38…I tested your setup at Rd America and ran into some understeer as well, most visible at the 1st turn (at speed) after the carousel. I’ll try HLR Toffo’s changes above. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks guys for your input, it was a test tune that i knew it was going to need some improvement. Thanks.

To be honest its too easy to drive and a great car for new players. The cars so forgiving and i thought i had tcs on. I’m not a great tuner but have driven cars that run #1s for fun and the way to go is build the fastest thing you can that’s on the edge of grip all the time. More risk more reward. Nothing wrong with creating understeer when its needed like the ktm. All the top tunes for the ktm delibritely create understeer because the cars a handful but yours needs to go the other way if you get my meaning.

Great effort nontheless

Yes, i agree 100% of what your saying and for the most part all Vipers need oversteer however what i did was to create a tune that a new player can use with no TC. Yes the car is very easy to drive but that was the point…thanks for your feedback.

I did updated suspension setting to hopefully make it better as advised…created some oversteer that i think will sove what was lacking…test it out and let me know…

Subaru WRX '11
A class (grip)

496 HP
Torque 445 lb-ft
Weight 2683 lbs
Front 55%
Displacement 2.5L

Speed 6.8
Handling 5.6
Acceleration 8.8
Launch 10.0
Braking 6.0

Built: (stock if not mentioned )
Race aero front and rear
Race tire compound
Full tire width front and rear
Rims ZR+520 or equal
Tace driveline
Race differential
Race brakes, springs and dampers, front and rear anti-roll bars and race weight reduction
Race intake
Race fuel system
Race ignition
Race exhaust
Sport cams
Race valves
Race pistons and compression
Race turbo

54%/200% (personal)
40% 0%
70% 10%

This is a grip car for short tracks
Tune with assist off, manual no clutch

Enjoy…feedback is welcome. .

Tested this on nordsliefe. My favourite test track. 2 laps with any car and you really get to know it.
I drove a 7.14 with yours and found it turned in well and was easy to go full throttle but would run away with you mid corner and stop gripping front end like it was plowing.

I first thought the front accel on the diff was to low at 40% and tried 100%. It felt a little better but was scrubbing time in the corner. After testing a few diff settings i decided your settings were best for this car.

I started experimenting, and found by reducing the cars rear aero by 20 pounds brought it to life. No more corner exit overseer. It felt much better but was still running roughly the same laps at RA west and Atlanta

i then decided to increase the rebound to the max to give more grip front and back which worked a treat and lower the bump to reduce transistional understand. Which also worked well.

At the moment i have it running at 7.09s at nordsliefe top 500 with replay on lb but with some arb tuning i believe it will be quicker.

I would’nt make a good public lobby car as its slow and will get bashed about by the egotists with the bullet cars whom can’t drive. Probably best used in lobby with like minded people or friends.

I think you have the platform there but need to work on the engine build or swap to make it quicker in a straight line.

As i read your post i did ask myself, what is he talking about? Then i read my post and found the mistake…lol… my settings for bump and rebound are from another class, i will repost the correct ones in a few…im very happy how this car came out and very much surprise where you tested it, I’ve have only used it at short track. Thanks a lot your feedback. @HLR Toffo

I test all my cars at the ring not so much for lap time but for feel as theirs plenty of different corners and its a good test for acceleration and top end.

I also tested your car at

RA West 1.16.6 #518 with replay
Atlanta club 0.57.8
RA full 1.12.2
Nordsliefe 7.09.9 #476 with replay

I’m sure it the quickest known wrx11 on the leaderboard for the above tracks.

I would’nt class it as a grip car with handling of 5.6 but its probably the best of its kind around and i enjoyed driving it.

Audi RS 5 (A 700)

655 HP
Torque 425 LB-FT
Weight 3033lbs
Front 55%
Displacement 4.8L

Speed 7.4
Handling 5.1
Acceleration 8.9
Launch 10.0
Braking 5.4

Built: (stock if not mentioned)
Centrifugal supercharger
Race aero front and rear
Tire full width at rear
Rims Asanti AF 118
Sport transmission
Race driveline
Race differential
Race spring and dampers, front and rear anti-roll bars, race weight reduction
Race intake
Race fuel system
Race ignition
Race exhaust race valves
Race engine block
Race Centrifugal supercharger

Final drive 4.45
54% 200% (personal)
40% 0%
70% 10%

Tune with assist off , manual transmission no cluch…
Tune at Nordschleife +GP
Feedback welcome…enjoy!

Looks good

i will build and test after work this evening.
I liked your diff settings on the wrx. I think your onto something with them.

Sounds good man, has just a touch of oversteer but i think I’ll do good, as you see same diff setting but as always adjust to your liking…

I’m struggling with this one but i am very mentally tired at the moment. I’ll give it a good thrashing this weekend.

I’m not great with drag or stock tyres in this case right away and need laps to adapt. I think you need wider tyres at the front more so than the rear.

It’s bloody quick though. Get to 170-180mph without even knowing it

Yes, this car it’s somewhat of a hand full due to stock compound, im sure you’ll get the best of it. I do have another built and tune with much more handling but a tap slower…as far as wide tiers on the front i think that by having wider at rear its better for handling as the cas is much heaviest at the front (55%) for stock even tho i could make them wider and loose some HP…we’ll see.

Have any of the suggestions i have made worked for you in your previous tunes?

I am no expert tuner but also trying to learn as yourself. I have always concentrated on the driving aspect and let others do the work. Which now i realise is lazy and im saddled with what i’ve got in the end with no adjustment.

Do you believe i have been playing forza nearly 10 years and now im suddenly interested in tuning.

As you can see im no expert either, however when i started playing forza 5 i concentrated for the most part on X class. I did learn how to tune the famous Lotus E21 (have a few top 100 specially at the alps) then i went into the lower classes and i can tell you it’s a totally different monster, been building and tuning for all classes (some good, some bad). My driving skills are just OK at best, so i though well let me try the forum and see what people think.