#93 SRT Motorsport Viper GTS-R

I cannot get this car to corner and accelerate out of the corners for the life of me, even just a tad bit of power and the rear end wants to come to the front. I also suck at tuning :frowning:

Does anyone have a tune they wouldn’t mind sharing? If you dont want to post it to the public, please PM me.

Any tuning advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


I’ll hook you up…will be posting soon.

For what track?

:smiley: one that can take down any if all tracks if possible…

I guess what I’m looking for is one that is an all around type car. Its for the GT racing series (R900).

I know exactly what car it is, will yry to do it today…im not sure if i have 1 shared but you can check, regardless i’ll give you a tune…will try to do it today after work.

You meant the #91…correct! Anyway, I have a tune for it, as well as, the '13 BMW M3 which you can use for the GT Career races. They are in the storefront.

** Please keep in mind that with these cars/class…be gentile with the throttle.

Let me know how well you get on with them. Thanks!

p.s. I personally prefer the BMW.

Yea I figured that relaxed. The car probably has more torque than the other GT cars. I’m thinking of using a mid engine car so I have grip earlier exiting the corners. Although I don’t want to use the 458.

I appreciate the input guys, looking forward to a bad ass tune!

Hope you don’t get baned…

[Mod edit - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the tos]

Anyways, who ever has a tune I can try I appreciate it 100%. Thanks again

Did you ever find what you were looking for? I may have something for you.