Help tuning up Dodge Viper GTS 2013

Hi everyone, I bought my favorite car: 2013 Dodge Viper GTS,I bought parts and just need you’re help giving it a better smooth drive. I want the handling,alignment,anti-roll bars,springs and etc,make it great for racing.

Would like * don’t demand eh?

I read that the vipers benefit alot from aero, other than that it all depends on what the cars doing and how you want it to drive.

This is not perfect,but will give you a basic tune to work from.
Tires 27.5 27.5
Gears N/A
Alignment -3.5 -3.5 0.1 -0.3 5.4
Roll Bars 8.00 17.00
Springs 595.2 535.8 3.3 4.9
Damping 12.0 8.0 1.0 1.0
Aero 122 377
Brakes 48% 106%
Differential 32% 38%

This is from a build with full weight reduction,race tires,and forza aero obviously. And use tcs.
I didnt spend long building this,but its better than no tune im quite sure.

I just happen to have a tune for this car. It’s one of the smoothest drives I have experienced in FM5.

Please try it. The shared name of the tune is “R900 Final” under the creator Bogsle. This tune was created with ABS OFF, Steering NORMAL, TCS/STM OFF, Shifting MANUAL w/o clutch.

'Hope you enjoy, and if you like it after trying it out, I can send to you afterwards the open source tune. Just send me a PM.