Vote Now About How You Feel About FH5

I found this little article over on PureXBox and at the bottom they have a poll where you can vote on how you feel about FH5. I found this interesting and wanted to share it here so everyone gets a chance to vote.

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Thanks for the link. I voted that I’m having plenty of fun still. Those quoted comments were from a month ago before the latest update. The game has been much better for me since the update and generally I’m playing without too many issues.

Have to say I agree about the game throwing money and cars at you from the outset. In Horizon 4 it took a lot more work to get some of the cars and houses. I have almost every car that’s currently available except for a handful of highly priced cars in the autoshow. I’m working my way through buying those. The stories in Horizon 5 aren’t as good as Horizon 4. Most are easy to achieve and all very similar. Why no drift club stories? I loved those in Horizon 4.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the weekly playlist and some of the daily Forzathon challenges are a bit of a grind to get through e.g. get to level 7 in the Eliminator. Plus the game would have been better received had it been tested properly before launch and been fit to play from day 1.

My biggest issue with the game is that they removed ranked adventure so for me that pretty much makes the open racing worthless to me, that was one of my favorite things about FH4 and now it’s gone, to me this is a downgrade.


I’ve gone back and started FH4 with a new profile, tells you all you need to know.


Nice find. I voted that I’m still having plenty of fun, but I only started last week, so that may change. The progression system is not my favorite, I liked the one in FH3 a lot more. I agree that starting off with some of the better cars and then, after just 1 hour of play, having enough money to buy whatever you want makes one less reason to play the game. Also, why is the '21 Bronco rare when everyone has it lol?

I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the races since all of them are given to you very close to the start of the game. I haven’t really been trying the Festival Playlist because of this. Eventually the game might become boring to me, but it hasn’t yet!

I voted that I’m not really enjoying it that much which is the truth. I mean, I want to continue to play and enjoy it, but after completing all the single player races the natural progression is to play online and online is a mess.


What does it matter?

It’s “game of the year”. Somehow.:joy:

Of course they had to feature a comment by JacoBee93. Don’t tell him, or it will inflate his ego further.

As far as how I feel about the game, I feel like I’m stuck alone on an island. What I mean by that is that the game fails at not only a sense of progression, but also fails as a sandbox game after you’ve completed everything. This may be an unpopular take, but I feel like Horizon 5’s economy is actually the strictest since Horizon 2. Since the AI is inconsistent, I’m having to play on lower difficulties, so my payouts aren’t as high as previous games. The VIP bonus payouts have also been bugged since day one, so who knows how many credits I’ve been swindled out of. Then there’s the inflated prices in the Autoshow, the decreased frequency of wheelspins, and the fact that a lot of cars are locked behind said wheelspins along with clothing and horn prizes no one wants. There’s just no fun in getting to the endgame here, and there’s still no fun to be had after reaching the endgame.


I feel let down and underwhelmed. I first started playing half way through FH4 and was very satisfied. I loved how the cars felt to drive, the map was interesting and diverse, and ranked racing was my jam.

When FH5 was announced I was excited and didn’t care for all the drama around them choosing Mexico instead of Japan. And boy there was alot of people complaining. In hindsight I now see why.

Since it’s release I have played upwards of 4-6 hours a day. Since day 1 it felt like a grind with no sense of progression. On this current day it still feels like a grind with no sense of progression. Only difference is that I play it 1 hour a day if that.

The one thing I’m disappointed about FH5 the most was something I discovered before the game was released and that was that ranked races had been removed. This was a terrible decision as it literally said a big … u to the competitive racers in this game.

The second biggest thing that has disappointed about FH5 is that there are no new features. In fact there are less features due to all that has been removed. So basically it’s the exact same game as FH4 except for a new map which is extremely dull in comparison.

Despite this I still may very well buy their first expansion if they can fool me well enough with their marketing campaign. Mainly because the game has so much potential and maybe I can be fooled into thinking this potential is hidden inside their first expansion. Or maybe I won’t even bother if they don’t bother to add back ranked races. In fact I don’t think I will because they no longer tailor the game to players like me. Big shame…


Judging by the votes there are way more happy customers. And yes, 3% finds it awful.

Depends how you look at this survey. I would assume the vast majority of unsatisfied players have already quit. In which case the survey would obviously be heavily skewed to those that enjoy the game. A more accurate survey would be one that targets all players, especially those who have quit.

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It shows the true picture, but you always find those that whinge about something are always the most vocal so it appears to be more than the poll actually shows.

No doubt you will get those that try to say the result is fake or some other excuse.

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I didn’t vote the worst option, but I did vote the second worst. A broken mess of a game is not fun to play. A mile long list of known issues is bot fun to play. Looking towards tomorrow, will the treasure hunt even work? We can only hope it does. I still play, but just online racing. At least with that, I don’t have to deal with ramjets, I let them all “win” instead of run my race. They eventually find a wall, tree or house on their own anyway.
Only fun I have in this game is in arguably one of the worst features, online racing with angry children, outside of extended wait times, at least it works.

The passage of time and updates won’t turn the game around in any way. It’s a lesser game than any of the previous in all areas.


I fall into the 3%, if I can’t even enjoy Eliminator, its bad.

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I’m right in the middle. It’s OK. It’s just another Forza Horizon game. There is water at the bottom of the ocean. The only one I’d say had a good sense of progression was the first - maybe because it seemed to be focused on being a good single player game first. I like the driving. I like the map. ~Letting the days go by…~

1 person creates hundreds of accounts and has them all vote their in favor of their subjective view with an ip switcher

is that not how online polls are done?

What are the odds that all of the 7000 votes are fake? Wouldn’t it made much more sense that players who do enjoy are just not vocal? Even on Twitter I don’t see much complaining. But here it appears like everyone is disappointed and the game is a major flop. :rofl:
To me it is clear that this forum doesn’t express the general feeling about FH5, not in the slightest and that players who likes the game are just avoiding posting here. Which makes much more sense.

I guess we use different Twitters :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I know what you mean, but FH5 has its problems.