Volkswagen New Beetle 1997-2011

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Volkswagen New Beetle 1997-2011

This topic includes special editions such as the Beetle RSi.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the:

  • 2004 Volkswagen Beetle (FM1 to FM4)

Picture of a 2003 New Beetle RSi.



New Beetle RSi is exactly the insane small car Forza would appreciate.

Tell me that you don’t want to drive this New Beetle with 3.2 VR6 under the bonnet? 4 Motion AWD system is something you’d naturally expect from such insane Beetle.

I’m seriously disappointed that with the whole Beetle story in FH5 we don’t have any newer street Beetle just yet.


2002 New Beetle RSI

A New Beetle with a serious 3.2 VR6 engine under the hood? and with 4MOTION All-wheel-drive? This is the ultimate New Beetle that is well-defined for the track and performance.



Track-designed but road legal version of the iconic VW Beetle that was everywhere at the turn of the century.


Would love to have that!

With a 2.5 L Cylinder Engine & 150 HP, the Older-New beetle doesn’t look like much to the common man. But the 2008 New Beetle is a fantastic car, The only new beetle to really capture the essence of the original, the Vocho, the people’s car. It’s a model I think we’ve all seen our fair share of, from eyelashes, tie-dye hipsters & even Drift Rockets, it’s a crime we haven’t seen this In a Forza Game yet.


I would really like to see a stock New Beetle added that we can tune from scratch, as opposed to the pre-tuned rallycross cars that have already been appearing in the Horizon games.


Why the modern Beetles aren’t actually in the modern Forza games is actually a mystery to me. I would argue that the Beetle is the most iconic car on the planet. It’s honestly really dumb that they don’t have these in the modern games.

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2001 Volkswagen New Beetle RSi


I would like to see the 2003 “New Beelte” RSi

Never thought I would miss this car, but I miss this car. Bring it back from FM4, it would be a perfect fit for Horizon!