Volkswagen Beetle 2012-2019

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Volkswagen Beetle 2012-2019


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2013 Volkswagen Beetle GSR


2014 VW Beetle GSR
2016 VW Beetle R-Line

The final generation of the modern VW Beetle debuted in mid-2011 as a 2012 model year. It was the successor of the 2000’s New Beetle.

The Beetle R-Line and GSR has equipped with a 2.0 Turbo TSI engine, with a 6-speed Manual. They produce 210HP. Although, sounds like a starter’s car with all that HP as it is known to help you start your racing journey. The Beetle itself is quite an ordinary car, with its competitors such as Fiat 500 where its performance version is from Abarth, and Mini Cooper which had the JCW package.

I assume that this generation of VW Beetle only represented in Forza as a RALLYCROSS SUPERCAR driven by none other than Tanner Foust. I hope Forza devs will bring the production Beetle A5 to the games because WE WANT A MODERN VOCHO. The old Beetle had its historic story in FH5, y’know.


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2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR


The modern Beetle is an absolute yes. There’s no chance that it’s not.


This car’s been made a whole decade ago and we still don’t have it in Forza?! Please bring it in!

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