Forza Motorsport car list discussion

Like Forza’s badly proportions car models constructed in 2005 are that much better. Come on, Draugnimir. You and I normally get along, but you’re acting insufferable right now.

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I’m sure that a freshly scanned Astra Touring Car won’t weigh that much more than a polished t**d from 2005.

I mean these models definitely take more space on drive. And at least they have interiors :smile:

Well, there’s definitely more space on the drive now since most cars that should be in the game aren’t in the game at all.

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I vote for this idea of putting cars into tags rather than only one group. So for example a Mini Cooper would be in both the classic rally & retro hatchback divisions.


I was going off of 25 cars, i could probably pair that down to 10, or even 2 for that matter, since most complaints are about 2 cars: the 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II and the 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R.
They could probably shut up most people by remodeling those two cars, but there’s still more important fish to fry than two cars that are fine enough as is, it’s either put in the work for a new car like the Maserati MC20, Bugatti Bolide or the Toyota Chaser or put in the work for a car that they already have lying around which looks fine enough, i know what i and 99,9% of the playerbase would rather take.

The cost-use analysis will never be in favour of this, unless the general playerbase cares about this issue, which is unlikely, considering that more people are interested in a New Beetle than updated car models.


Man, I cannot believe the Murci isn’t in the game. Sure, give us the Gallardo, but the Murci has been with us for MANY Forza games, and they won’t give us even the SV. I’m so distraught right now.


At least you have other similar Lambos to scratch that itch. As a classic American car guy I was left COMPLETELY out to dry :sob:

Then don’t buy the new Forza Motorsport or if you pre-order, cancel it. Simple.

I debated that, but then I won a $100 bet with a friend so he basically bought it for me hahaha

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Did they unreveal the 2017 Ford GT?

We need car tags. The fact that some categories have like 50+ cars while other have 2, is kind’ve insane. There’s not even a Modern Muscle car or Modern German sports category anymore. They’re all just tossed into a “Modern Sport Touring” category. Who calls a Challenger Hellcat a “touring car”? So bizarre. Tags or having cars in more than one division is feeling like a requirement at this point. Otherwise some cars are stuck in giant chaotic mish-mash divisions & others are practically useless stuck racing one or two different cars, which will get boring real fast.

T10 once again showing how clueless they are by removing the Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III. That car is easily the greatest Australian muscle car yet can’t make the game while the XB GT only exists because it was in Mad Max. Removing it is like removing the 1969 Dodge Charger. Dumb.


Where are the Mclaren Senna GTR, the Lexus RC F GT3, the Oreca 07, Mclaren 720s GT3, the Cadillac DPI VR and the MG MG6 XPower ? :slightly_smiling_face: But I am sure they will add these cars in car pass or in post launch content. The Forza GT class is weird, they should separe it between at least 3 others divisions. Anyway I am happy to see that they didn’t put the 3 Cadillac V-Series.R with P1 car class.

That’s very weird, it was in one of the earlier trailers and it was the cover for fm6 so if it’s not in I will be very confused. Something about this car list is fishy

I think it was seen earlier on gameplays as reward in career mode. The same goes for removed Dodge Challenger Demon, Lexus LFA, and Porsche 911 GT2 '95.

Hmm maybe they don’t list reward cars as a part of the car list as you can’t go right ahead and buy it? Also I see the challenger srt8 392 is back, that was last seen in fh1 I think?

Edit: I think T10 owes us an explaination here as this is very confusing.

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Something similar happened with Forza Horizon 5, barn finds were removed from the official car list.

It was in FM7 :slight_smile:

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Oh wow yeah, it’s been ages since I looked at that car list since I’ve been playing FH4 and FH5 and none of those have it. Just got back on FM7 this weekend after many years to get ready for FM.

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How could you Turn 10…how could you leave her out after all these years. :sob:

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