Volkswagen Brasilia 1973-1982

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Volkswagen Brasilia 1973-1982


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VW Brasilia


Modded Brasilia

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Famous VW Car, the name comes from Brazil´s Capital and was the first of a long list of Brazilian projected VW Cars, it was basically the Gol before the Gol was even a thing, the car also was made in Mexico where it got a certain good fame there as well.

This car is a Latin American cultural icon in many ways, mostly due its showing on very famous Mexican show “Chavo del Ocho” and a famous Brazilian rock music that was popular in 80s/90s talking about driving a Yellow Brasilia (if you know you know).

In racing history, it run various Brazilian Track Racing championships and it maneged to finsh the difficult 1974 World Cup Rally, that raced all around Europe and Africa and was considered a very difficult rally.