Vinyl Usage Accolades

Agreed, this is not something that can be achieved in a week, takes a bit longer. What i did to get the uses accolades was to tune the cars required for the weekly playlist, create a livery for them at the same time. Share these once the weekly playlist had kicked off on the Thursday, your downloads and uses numbers will rise, slowly but surely.
Likes are much harder to get this way as most people will not give a like until prompted in game. That is where this community comes in :grinning:

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Just a bit of gut punch for me as I don’t have the same amount of time to put in through the week. I’ll do my best with this tactic but on the weekends, everyone can bet I’ll be focusing a lot on the ‘likes’ to get that spreadsheet a lot more red.

Thanks to everyone for all of this! These accolades have all seemed unachievable until I came here so I’m eternally grateful.

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Sorry. OT question that I can’t figure out the answer to. How is it some users (yourselves included) have that little icon by your username? Looks likea little badge with a star in the middle or something.

We’re in it for the long haul. It’s just not as long in this group.

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Stolen from Reddit :
Globe - Explorer Star Card Mastery Flair
Crown - VIP bought after game release
Crown with extra prongs - VIP bought with a pre order
Shield with star - Club Leader
Shield with no star - Club Co-Leader

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beguiled, i have met ‘The Creator’…

leaving livery uses only for my helps assists request, Cheers!

hi ‘Radiant’!

and and … i will continue to helps with clicks clicks clicks LOL
sidenote* → i am prty STOKED for the expansion 2 news!!!

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As suggested, I did today’s daily forzathon with a liked tune and car plastered with @DamagedZebra51 's liked vinyls.

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I’m scared! I’m hoping for something “real world”, or close enough but fear it’ll be toytown again.

the real-world / toy-town balance is something i have come to trust from the FHs franchise - the magical realism gameplay is mint across EVERY Forza Horizon game…
it looks like what i have come to call ‘rancha bandera negra’ (blackflag ranch) may be the site of the expansion. i thought it might be - it’s NW map location between Baja and the caldera were my chosen Elimanator launch spot for a spell ;]
i don’t expect to see the Syclone …

@Lestat22126855 , @Hypnotiise , @CmdrTomalak6330

Sticker Holden plastered with your vinyls

@ViperousRhyme84 , @Krachkind gave you some vinyl likes

@Radianthunder I’ve downloaded and liked all your photos

I will concentrate on livery likes for everybody the next time I help out. Unfortunately my slots are full and I have to clear some space.

I’ve also finally taken the step of following everybody here in game, so when it comes time to look for seasonal tunes, you guys will show up in my feed first.


Thanks you so much @LowlyCartPusher . I just finished downloading your decorations and giving it a like. :slight_smile:

@ViperousRhyme84 downloaded and like +100 decorations.

In another spare time I finish downloading your designs. Great job!!


I added Radianthunder to the followed list and downloaded and liked all his vinyls this am. Plus all other new ones from others that require them. My, Qi_Rae_Mau has been busy! I’ll bang them all on a transit tomorrow for uses.

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I did, and thanks, now left 15 likes to go. Today i ll look your job and post a Van stick bomb

@CmdrTomalak6330 download and like your vinyls


Thanks so much!

@fuchs171 Gave you some more livery likes

@DamagedZebra51 gave you some livery likes and tune likes.


Thanks, and thanks a everyone. Livery is complete. Photos, Vinyls and too. This topic is a bless.

Now only lefts Tunes likes to finish. Problaby i wont get this milestones without you guys. I wll continue to help everyone

I did a tune to 97 Civic for this week


@Radianthunder - Vinyl likes/dls/uses

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Thanks!! :heart_eyes:

@Hypnotiise download all Vinyl/likes/uses

Super drift van :laughing:

como subir una imagen a una pagina web

A few days ago I saw this very complicated and now I almost have it complete. Thank you all.

Can anybody help me with getting the 5 downloads of photos?

Photo share 123 322 962
Photo share 128 332 554